few words

i love you two. 😉 lets have a blast tomorrow night.

The Boy accompanied me to the library just now and i found the most perfect hilarious book and i really, really, REALLY badly want
the book right now. its by Danny King, titled The Hitman Diaries. first chapter and its already got me LOL-ing, in my heart. i nearly gurgled trying to contain the laughter (shhh, its a library). anyway. 2011, time to pay back The Fine… time to start borrowing books and making use of my membership (and occasionally buying, ahem *shifty*), ST just told me we have no more shelving space. fug it. im STILL buying, gonna force Tigerma to give up her space.. or i’ll bribe her, with ice cream sponsorship, maybe. she loves ice cream and soda. i’ll give away my clothes (i have so many but they never match my uniform so i cant wear ’em. or maybe i just d.k how to match. y’know what? fug that as well).. whatever it is……….. i.just.cant.stop.buying. im on a frenzy right now.

WHICH REMINDS ME, season of the witch movie? totally is a whole different story from the book, infact, i wiki-ed it and it never said its based on a book either. however what am i here for but to talk about things i love . the book is so rich and complex. i fuggin love it. LOVE it, read it right. Natasha Mostert is a lovely writer.

go get it.

tomorrow night is Fiza’s 21st bday party. omg. you’re an old berrdddd! *panicking*, my sister keeps sayin "age is just a number"..
u gotta be fuggin kidding me.

i hope i look egyptian enough tomorrow. -.- ok bye.


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