Adidas originals Missy E. Spectate sneakers.

DEAR Shoe Fairy…
my name is Asfa, and you probably already know that, because you fated me with this pair today. (hope you’ve crossed my name off your list cos i cannot imagine if you fate me with another pair.. i’ll be broke.)
i just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me. You have always known i’m the picky kind and you taught me patience is a virtue. there was just that "connection" with this pair that i’ve always wanted to feel again and again, but have a hard time with.
thank you for leading me to the nook this shoe was hidden, a lonely little shop.. and it was size 36, only one pair, and at such a lovely price.
i knew it was meant for me.
i cannot thank you enough. i am sitting on a  cloud right now, i’ll be tap dancing in this pair jumping from star to star tonight. just look at the sky and you’ll see me, giggling maniacally with confetti in my hair. Thank you SO much, Shoe Fairy. always watch over me. ^^

well, i’ve been looking for something like this since FOREVER. i saw one at Topman. but obviously, they’re Topman and what are the chances guys have euro 36 for their size? i didnt even know the Missy E collection had this! until i was walking.. walking.. walking around and saw this from outside a clouded shop window. it was a lonely corner of the mall.. and, well. thats it. thats the story. (:

besides this, i bought off ST’s cream colored converse sneaks. well, to be honest, they’ve been sitting in her (wherever she kept it) since… i dunno? beginning of last year. its been months. and its just sitting there, not being worn by anyone. lonely. so poor thing right?
she always does this. -.- she buys so many stuffs but never wear them, so.. she’s like a supplier to me. (: i hate shopping, i just buy from her. its that easy really. (and all the stuffs are new n in excellent condition cos she’s such a neat freak. so its perfect) Thanks ST, please bring in more things.

ok. thats all. bye.

i miss The Boy. ):


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