Notes to self:
•Walk. Not rush about. Even on shop floor. Especially on it infact. (well yea, I dont walk. I rarely do. I rush here n there and back again. Must try learning to walk this year)
•Read & listen more, talk & gossip less.
•Buy what I need, not want. And buy quality not quantity. Please don’t be greedy. 
•Give more. 
•Be kind to humans. As The Boy tells me when I’m at work. 
(honestly? If you’re deserving of any kindness really.)
•Spread the Owinge love more. ^^ promote compassion and umm.. Bring kitty food everywhere. Damn I need that roomy bag.

I tend to get angry easily. TSK. Should stop that too.. Ohboy. Many room for improvement I think?

So yea. These aren’t resolutions. Theyre just reminders of what I have started practicing long ago and have somehow forgotten or just need a refresh. 🙂

After work, I tried doing some window shopping (tried, cos I totally wasn’t feeling it but doing it anyway) it was Zara. F21. Smaller shops. Chamelon. New look. Mango. And I disliked everything I saw apart from what I had in my mind. I mean wth?! Can’t I please just for once feel that “connection” with an item. Before I continue ranting about my hatred for shopping (come to think of it, these are stuffs I need, belt. Shoes. Bag. Maybe I should just stop being a fussy lil tit and go with it. But I can’t! I’d like to, but I.just.can’t.do.it.) 

So anyway, there was one store I went to at 313, it’s called 
L’arc en ciel (basement) and I was checking out some furry bags cos they look too much like our fat felines and I couldn’t help but take a look. For your info (whoevers) I do not buy faux fur anymore unless I’m 100% sure they’re fake. Which is hardly since most (almost all) are made in china. You can’t flip a fur bag’s tag or fur anything without seeing it made in china. Forget made in Portugal, or Italy, or Spain k. Forget it. China doesn’t even give 2 flying hoots about faux or real furs anymore. At the moment as you’re reading this, they’re probably torturing someones kidnapped pet and skinning it and then labeling the item it’s trimmed for “faux”. The least they could do is be honest about it, but apparently thats too difficult already. Anyway, back to my story: I was looking at this particular stripe fur bag and checking it out, pockets and all when the saleslady hovered near and said “hmm! This bag. VEERY pretty. Easy to match, and its real also..” I almost didn’t hear that last part until I registered it, then I was like o.o
The next second, I was trying to sound interested though, just to double confirm “oh? So this is… Real fur?” I sounded strangled.
“yah.. So is this too.. Very nice, worth it.” and she pointed to me another bigger furry tote bag. I struggled to swallow my disgust & keep a calm exterior. So I concentrated on that for 5seconds before putting the bag back on the rack and leaving. I managed to choke out a thank you. The way she promoted the bag! SO PROUDLY. as if that fur bag didn’t cost someone else’s life. Obviously woman, you have no fucking clue what you’re dealing with. I daren’t ask whose fur it was exactly.. The thought just pained me. I was so turned off I couldn’t continue shopping. I just felt sick. 
Apart from my obvious fussiness, I just wasn’t “feeling” it. And like I said I disliked everything I saw except the things I have in mind. So I dunno.. Idk ok. I dunno how I’m gonna deal with this. Fuck shopping, seriously. 

I want penny loafers but I DON’T want leather. Is synthetic so hard to make or what? Huh? I just want something that looks as simple as it’s suppose to be. stop with all the fucking tassels and stuff and make it PVC. Is that too much to ask?

I went into Mango and saw that the shorts I once really liked were on sale, so I tried em on and.. There was a space at the crotch area and it made me look bloated. Which girl wants to look bloated????? Hmm? Who?? Urgh. 

I know I’m sounding really PMSsy. I’m just… ARGHHHHHHHHH. Hate when I have to buy things and not find the things I already have in mind in the perfect way that I want them to be. 
Actually after I’ve typed this, I think I’ll work something out. I hope. I mean, it’s not the end of the world. It’s not even important (there are way more important things in life) so yup. It’s just frustrating sometimes. 🙂 I’m fine now. Honest. (actually I calmed cos I saw kitkat and Anson sleeping together on a pillow. So sweet. Now that’s important.) 

Anyway! New years eve I didn’t even count down. TB picked me up and we walked round abit before sending me back. Before that, took pictures! He uploaded on fb already ^^ I think the photos look nice. Awww. Thanks for being around on 2010 and I hope 2011 will be lovely for us k 🙂 at home, I just sat with Owinge on my lap and read Lord Sunday. When I realized, it was already 12.17am. I missed the strike. Ohwell. Don’t matter. I sincerely hope 2011 will be as good as I’m thinking it’ll be. 



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