Kyaaaaah! I’ve gone RED. 😀 hee! Anisah wanted company at the salon.. So yups. I think I like it. Darker than what  want.. But it’s ok, I think? I didn’t note much difference but Anisah says she freaked at the color and difference it made, my sisters didnt even spot any difference, So I dunno.. Each to their own I suppose eh? Who am I to impress but myself. Lolwtf please. Ok can bye!

P.s thankkksss nisaaa ❤
iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou 
iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou 
iloveyou iloveyou iloveyou


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