Ever had that feeling whereby.. Ok wait, before I start, we are all protagonists in our own stories right? Just to make that clear, so what I was about to say is, have u ever had that feeling that you are the only sane/normal person u know? Because I’m starting to think that the people I know, most of them are weird. Weird in many ways. I can’t pinpoint but well, I’m letting u know now that YOU’RE WEIRD . 

Guess that’s why there’s that phrase “everyone is unique”. It’s just to make these people sound better. Face it, you’re a freak. 

So ok I’m done saying that. 

Anyway, I feel like my sense of humor is fading. -.- where’s the energy I was supposed to be born with?! I think I left it a few weeks ago. TSK. At my prev outlet. 
From time to time they come to visit (ex colleagues) and it’s always very sweet.. I just wanna kiss them cos they’re so sweet. 🙂 I want to find a day we can hang together.. Sigh. Miss them so much 😦

Things aren’t looking too bright here. Ppl are leavin left n right. I wish they wouldn’t, just when I’m getting used to them. Lotsa problems, but I’m really hoping things will be brighter soon.. RESCUEEEEE WHAT’S LEFT OF USSSSS.. pleaaaase. Urgh. 

When I’m at work, I miss our cats alot. Sigh. There are a few furry boots selling, and I have this freak habit of stroking the… Shoe. o.o ok fine. So I’m weird, so what ????? Shoot me… One of the furry boot is a camel-orangey color.. Just like my boy Owinge!!!! So thAts my favorite. There’s another one (a few) brown ones that are the SAME SHADE as Anson. Too cuteeeeeee! 

Ok bye! I is going to bed, tomorrow morning shift! And then meeting The Boy! 😀 yay! ❤

Note to self: always filter your words. Or just shut up, Asfa. 
I think I unintentionally insulted someone. I swear I totally didn't mean it! I wasn't listening properly. Ohgawwwed. -.- I felt like disappearing at that moment. TSK. *face palm*

P.s I came home to my ST's singing.. N she wouldn't stop even when I kept telling her to shut up o.o and the worst thing is.. It's an opera-ish song. One of them likes to spontaneously break into song n dance and the other.. Likes to sing in general. Sometimes they even duet!!!!! O.o trust me, u don't wanna live with me. But then again, it gets too quiet w/o em I guess.. So keep on "performing"! 

At this moment M.E is singing a Malay song with hand gestures. Lol. WTF laaaaaaaa it's annoyingly funny. Irritating face I swear. 


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