happy birthday to yaya! ((:

she  went breakfast with ST about 10+ in the morning, i continued sleeping cos hello? its my offday. the only one in a week. so im gonna make the most of it. (besides havent been sleeping properly nor was i feeling well. this is my 2nd fever in a year! but not as bad)

i took new photos! it feels sooooo long since i snapped any. ):

i better save up for a new machine.
oh. and bought 2 new tapered leg pants today.. am hoping to make them work cos im doing shoes store room.. i cant be climbing all over the place in mini skirts now can i. ): i like climbing thou. and arranging stuff.. and generally being in the store room, anything but facing customers. really.

so anyway, watched Narnia with ST & yaya (: i think the movie is really good. not brilliant, no, but really good (this, coming from a fantasy lover, so please excuse) i love it (eventhough as usual, not following the book) because i think the movie touched on afew real world problems. For one example Lucy, she’s royalty, but yet has image insecurities and well, somehow it seemed like in the end, the only person you can be is yourself. so might as well you make the most of what you have and love you, for you. that was really touching. i mean, everyone has insecurities right? admit it. i thought that was meaningful, thats all.

and that little twat Eustace or whatever, at the start, i just felt like drowning him in a bucket of dirty mop water but then he turned into a  dragon for a little while.. and he was a better dragon than a boy.. very courageous, not too noisy (he couldn’t talk. he could just blow fire) it was perfect. he was a cuter dragon. ^^ ok whatever, sidetracking.

so yes. i liked the movie. never give in to temptation, be strong. dont be greedy etc. thats what i got from the movie.
i know this sucks as a review (and its not one to start with) but anyone who likes imagination n magic should watch. i clearly do.

after movie, was desserts at fika. yaya has yet to upload the photos.. (very yummy! love Fika’s mashed potatoes! they are so, so, so freaking good!) so yes. mealtimes are always the highlights of any outings i attend.. that is no surprise.

that is The End of today.

i havent been updating. ): i miss blogging everyday cos i like to entertain myself.
work has really been taking up like, majority of my time.. i do OTs every other day.
i dont really miss having LOAAADS of free time, no, im quite happy to be busy. its just i miss my friends and family sometimes. i hardly see any of them much. the other day my sis, ms. manis came by with our newest nephew Akmal and my niece, and i felt like i’ve been really missing out alot. i mean ALOT. so yah. that sucks i guess.

i miss anisah, i think we’ve been missing out alot of bonding sessions, im glad that if we do finally meet, nothing’s changed and we arent awkward (: thats nice. i’ll still tease her and she’ll still laugh at my mouth (i tend to speak funny, i know, abit handicap that way shutup, she tells me i look nicer with my mouth closed, lolwtf. bitch)

i miss chacha too. i miss how she is so thick skinned even when i tease her really bad (i like people who can take my harsh jokes. hehe.)

then theres my mummy jah and shabby. we always have fun whenever 3 of us meet up together.. hope to see more of that..

you see, theres just so many people i want to meet and theres no time at all. whenever its my off day all i wanna do is stay home and rest, honestly. i cant complain though, cos its all $money$. at the end of the day though, u start to think twice, if this is how its gonna be like forever. like, whats your priority? money n slaving away? or living your life? i tend to forget that theres more to life than what i’ve known these months. thats bad.. but what can a girl do ey? it used to be an escape route, but now.. its all backfiring. lol.

oh well. stay strong.
im gonna continue because.. i kinda like it. (contradicting?? idk how to explain. i quite enjoy it actually. for now. i just dont want to end up like… i cant say here. i just dont wish to forget myself, simple?)

may i touch on my favourite cosmetic item this month *jumps around with excitement*:
Heavy Rotation’s Lip concealer and Nude enamel gloss. 😀

Lip concealer: it is PERFECT as a lip base or on its own (matte nude look aka Pale with capital P). its not greasy and it is very smooth upon application, it even smells of coconut and it makes any gloss/colour stay on pretty long. so yes, this is perfect for me.. cos it doesnt even make my lips chap (i tend to have chapped lips alot), can i say i am very in love with this? 😀

i have nothing much to say of the gloss (its good of course). often i layer the concealer with another sheer wine color gloss..
so….. ya..

ok thats it.

byeeeee! chat again another day!


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