idk why i feel so down in the dumps today.
i was horrid to the boy on the phone (im sorry. -.-)
and ive been feeling somethings wrong since yesternight but i dont even know what.
seriously, i dont know what am i upset about. it cant be pms cos its over. it cant be work cos work has been okay.
it cant be the boy cos.. u know. he’s perfect. tsk. i hate this shitty feeling. im depressed about something that i cant even pinpoint. -.-

really hope i’ll get the fug over it. its frustrating because i dont know what it is. im just irritated and feeling very mean.

saturday. an off day.

theres nothing to do.. maybe… maybe i get depressed when i stay home? oh idk. tsk. slap me please. im having a very bad throat and nose, probably cos ive been in SUCH UNHEALTHY CONDITIONS aka dusty and still-under-construction sites for like half the day! i sincerely hope they get the place done quickly la wtf, i really2 feel like shit in there ok.

better check with my friends whats up tonight. SIGH.

i love enigma:

article re: *link has been removed 1/8/13 as requested*. your health is important right? just so you know… read this. ^^

p.s sometimes when i look back, i cant believe this.


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