Whimsical confessions

Work has been so fun. I really like my colleagues.. Now that I’m like attached to some of them, I’m like.. Omg. Do I wanna transfer? I wasn’t meant for this outlet, I know. I’m here just for training and to know the brand more. It’s also funny cos I never ever thought I would actually work for them since jah n I have always made fun of the staffs in this brand. Lol. It’s really funny cos when I think back at my interview, is like I was accidentally hired. I didnt want the position i was hired for (i didnt want cust svc, i was lookin for stockroom. Pls shoot me) and much less did i want this particular brand, but desperate times call for foggy minds, I wasn’t paying attention nor thinking clearly n I was like whatever, cos I really was giving up (i was really stressed out for a period of time, it was really bad n I had headaches all e time, thats another story) next thing I knew, I got hired on e spot with letter of employment and all, the babe behind me who was having her interview as well was bein told they would give her a call if she was selected. So.. I just find things really bizarre n unexpected right now, looking back. But its ok. I’m happy here, 3 weeks ago I would have been really excited for the transfer. I am now left with a month before the new outlet opens and I’m to be stationed there. 

And yes, my cust svc is still as horrible as ever but it’s sorta covered up cos since I work here, being random with people is encouraged, overall it’s fun. I’d never have thought it. It really surprises me even until now. And I’m surprised still that I actually look forward to going to work. WTF, the thought itself is really ridiculous, so I’m gonna put it aside.

I’m torn. I want to go where I was hired for. But I’m Fallin in love with some of the people here. Seems like we bond so well cos they’re all so young, fun and nutty. some of them are different but we click well so It’s really fresh. 
Idk. Sigh.

Anyway, met jijah Tuesday night 😀 dinner at kgc and then walk and chattered all e way. Thursday my offday I’m gonna go meet her again, I’m gonna survey shoes. Mine are all so… UrghZ need new ones, what sucks is, idk what I want. I haaaaaate shopping. I want to find whatever I need and in love with in one place, preferably in one shop and then TADA done. Finish. The end. But that NEVER happens cos most things I see, I’m not interested. I need to find The One (be it shoe, bag yada yada) . You know the little flutter in ur tummy? But that’s just too much to ask -.- tsk. So anyway, tmr gonna survey types of shoes (I’m thinking Vans again since mine looks like I go triathlons in it), gonna go home, dwell and ponder over what I saw and come back, take it and go (I’m e fussy type who needs to know that I really like something to be happy purchasing it, shoot me again pls idk y I’m like this). Hmm, i need new powder n lash glue, probably need new belt as well *looks at my tattered piece*-.-  Damn shopping, it’s so tricky. I don’t understand ppl who make it their hobby. U GUYS ARE SICK. Heh kidding ok. Ahem. K.

that’s  all for tonight. 

Happy Thursday everyone ^^


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