‘alo! Was around tampines area just now and it always amazes me how east siders have no need to travel to town for anything. Sorry if I sound so village girl -.- maybe I am so sue me. I had fun browsing around, and why was I there? Was accompanying ST who was going beyond pasir ris, and I was just waiting for her..

Well! Break again. Tomorrow: pineapple tart test baking with ST. I am so looking forward! Cos her recipe is all crumbly, melt in the mouth perfection. 🙂

I’ve got so much to say about work week regarding this (before I offend anyone, I want to say i’ve nothing against homos.) But this particular bapok.. Just takes the cake, really. She is kelakar seram (scary funny) but I know not all.. Umm, LGBTs are like her/him/shim. She could have been my friend if she had stopped freakng me out. I mean, I don’t even have a need to know if your bf n you have ‘done the deed’. I could type more about her, but nah.. Waste of LJ post ey?

So! Baybeats is coming soon.. Friends and I going on 21st? Idk. I’m not keen to be in such a crowded situation 😦 but it’d be lovely to meet JAC n the boys again. So imma just get it over and done with at one go.

I haven’t been reading 😦 which sucks. I will read my 2-3 pending books really2 soon(Garth nix, hitchhiker’s and.. Alice in wonderland, damn I love the book, the movie, which btw is my first time liking a book based movie. AND Diva the accessories shop has a Disney collection! So ridiculously adorable. PLUS all the other books on the shelf that I’ve picked out, one of them being “Olivia Joules and the Overeactive Imagination” by Helen Fielding. )

Haven’t had time to search for my whitening cream too. 😦 ah so much to do.

Oh and while at Tamp 1 just now, went to Urban Write at the basement and I felt so giddy with excitement and happiness at being around SO MUCH stationary. I’ve already picked out notebooks im gonna buy+collect next. It’s a Wishlist of like.. More or less 5 items? Hehe. Can’t wait to have them in my hands! They’re the one thing in life that inspire passion in me. Stationaries. Apart from food, and reading books (with or without nice covers, sometimes I’m liking the cover, other times, I just want the story) I reaAaaaally fell head over heels for one; mint faux snakeskin.. So utterly gorgeous, simple and classy! Only $16.90. Comes in a pearly white and another color I forgot.


that’s the ultimate must-get. Among other notebooks I am lusting over I mean.

K nights.


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