Happy national day;

Ok. I’m already ready in the bedroom for today’s day out. I wore… Fake eyelashes. I gathered enough courage to give them a go again after I had a freaky eyelid swelling that was really painful. I don’t get what happened then but it scarred me and left me almost traumatic -.-
today I’m giving it another chance! Cos I love it so much really and I used to wear it everyday before the “tragedy” hahahaha. Maybe my glue expired or something. So far this glue is going fine bt I don’t know if it’ll pull my skin with it when I remove it or what (just like the previous one, hence swelling) so yes I better pray hard. I hope all goes well. This is the City Girl glue Im using. Vey good, dries well and sticks well too. It’s the first glue I ever tried, I switched to Marie Beauty which was good too and used it for 1year+ before it stripped me off my skin -.- (I TOLD u idk WTF happened, maybe expired that’s why) I don’t think I’d try Marie again so soon. This current City Girl one comes in a small packet with 2 mini tubes in it. 1 tube can last about 5 days to one week if you wear it everyday. So.. It’s really small. Bt good I guess, and hopefully spares me the whole stripping thing (I am honestly traumatic and I know that won’t happen to the majority girls but I still can’t help but fear it myself)

I am so not looking forward to the crowds today. Bt what to do. It’s the only time TB books out and we can watch fireworks together (amongst the sweaty bodies eww I hate crowds) but it’s ok. Just to see his face, it’s fine. Lol.

Brb.Drying hair then wanna decide what to do with it. Have a great Monday and holiday u singaporeans.

For your time; an article from last year, regarding high price of cheap food. Would do u good to read it and understand where your foods from. Sure ignorance is bliss, are u sure?? Trust me. Read this.


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