Ramble ramble..

Well! I just got back from a leeeeetle shopping trip with ST. Nothing special zz but I’m happy 🙂 anyway on mY birthday itself, anisah n chacha (JAC, ring a bell?) came aaaaaall the way to the west, my place with a really rich chocolate mousse cake just to spend time with me on my birthday, queue collective aaaaawwwwww please. Of course we had to listen to chacha constantly talking about herself.. HAHA! But it was still really nice to chat with them again(chat with anisah I mean cos chacha keep talking about herself Hahahaha) if they hadn’t come by, i would have stayed home the whole day. Thank you babies 😀 y’all are so sweet, For the first time I feel appreciated by you guys ^^ Daaaawww stopeet.

I bought essentials today and decided to give falsies another try.. Wish me luck -.- hopefully no swell again pleeeease. 😦

I also got new earrings 3 for $5! And they. Are. Gorgeous. Too bad can’t load photos.. I’m saving them for special occasions..
I don’t know what to say.
Its a Saturday morning.. I want to stay home, obviously it’s gonna be crowded with people everywhere and I just can’t stand that -.- I want to read, watch animes and.. Maaaybe cycle?

K niteyy. Have a good Saturday!


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