For another week. -.- if u want to meet up please do cos I don’t think I would be sane when I start staying home. I rather liked it when I was busy and disconnected from the world.. And it was reallllly nice to not talk or have a conversation with people.. But I think I may have m
issed some things during my absence from friends..hmph..

I’ve finished my pocket notebooks and have run out of ‘nice’ supplies and it’s freaking me out -.- so I’m using the notepads I had from my waitress days till I get my hands on the pocket moleskine reporter I badly want 😀 I also need a nice new pen. A sharp nibbed ballpoint please.. Omg faber castell. Noooooo. Not yet. My journal is finishing too.. So now planning on potential purchases.. Exciting, but giving me headaches. Dammit. I LOVE writing materials k nd I can’t resist any, I want them all! -.- I have a couple I already thought I’d use for backup.. Bu.. They seem abit too precious.. And who knows I might want them for something else? GAH. I don’t know. Ok stop it.

Anyway, I already said the week at work was crazy, I’m gonna say it again.. It was extremely messy, so fuggin crowded and people were invading my personal space all the time, no wait, there was None to start with .. It was SO noisy and all I wanted was pace and quiet which I found in toilet breaks, pantry, or the outdoor overlooking sentosa I hateeeeee noise. I Hate chatterings. I hate crowds n people(k Im anti social so shoot me). I hate customer service.

And then there was this kid who was licking his moms hair whilst she looked at clothes. I was freaking out and giving him The Look. Skeemaks, kecik2 da creepy. Da besar how? Eew.

I also felt like putting up a FAQ board so people would quit asking me questions and requiring me to open my mouth. (if u must know, I avoided that too, I just pointed out the obvious or instant application the the request etc)

Stupid questions I’ve been asked to entertain by people like you and you and you:
q: what is my size?
– never buy clothes before is it?

Q: I’m buying for my son, you think this can fit him?
– oh. We slept together last night and from what I’ve seen I bet he can. Wtfetf!!!! You’re his MOM for crying out loud, why the hell are u even asking me this?!
Q: why doesn’t this have XXXL?
– do I look like I design the stuff????? You want such big sizes please proceed to Peninsula.

Q: what siZe is this?
– ma’am, I’m really sorry for your lack of eyesight.if you cannot locate the tag, don’t know how to read alphabets, nor can you see the size printed on the clothe, seek help from me, I’ll help u regain excellent eyesight, one that no amount of carrot eating can help u with.

Then there was this lAte 30s to mid 40s dude asking my colleague what color the piece n his hand was, she looked confused and cautious like it was a trick question. She touch the fabric in his hand and bend to peer closely at it and said slowly.. “orange..?” like she’s askng him back. HAHa WTF la. I was snorting so hard behind a pillar at their exchange..
” orange?” he grunted.

I was hysterical at one corner.

Anyway. I feel like collecting postcards.. Zz.
I miss TB -.-

Bye. Maybe gonna go cycling maybe not cos I’m lazy..
I hate staying home.


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