Revlon Colorburst Unofficial Review

yay! borrowing ST’s laptop 😀
so i’ve loaded remaining photos in the olympus, photos from the night fest:

pardon me. i totally am at a loss as to how to resize these photos en masse.
so it is probably gonna take me years cos they’re original size which is enough for like 2 computer screens (exaggerating as usual)
but zat is okay right it feels so good to see some pictures on my journal -_- im sick of myself rambling.





No disk space remaining for your account."


*sobs sniff snivel*

how couldjuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, this is blackmail.. its illegaaaaal; (lolkay ofcourse not. i totally understand)
buy a paid account n i get more storage i suppose? -.-
tsk. kk. that will be next year Livejournal. ok?
new mac mini (hopefullyyy, cos i really want it n will be working on it k)
n all the shiny shizz ofcourse i’ll be purchasing a domain. are u nutsss.

so i guess u people just gotta be happy with whatever it is im gonna type.
i’ll load the photos to facebook. zzzzzz
infact, i dont have much to type (i lied)
Gru is so sweet. and the 3 lil girls are soooo cuteee i want to cry.
i think i sorta annoyed TB (or not) with my "soooo cutteeeeeee!" throughout the movie..
i actually had to drag him to watch it with me (he’s not that resistant anyway, he’ll always want to make me happy, so sweet right!
Fanks BB <3. cos umm, sulky me scares him hahaha).
he didn’t want to initially, buttttttt he change his mind after the movie! he likes it. ^^
im starting to dislike 3D. yah so images are popping out at ‘cha, soooo???

they give me headaches -_-

i’d rather watch a non 3D movie. I HATE 3D.
k. just had to let it all out y’know. no good to keep  feelings in they say. (idk who ‘they’ is.. but i trust you’ve heard the saying ?)

anyway while i’m here i might as well keep ramblin ey?

i will review this in simple words k? (i thought of saying ‘few simple words’, but i’m lying cos obviously it’s gonna be an essay
here and besides, i talk more on my blog than with people in reality -_- mybe its because i dont talk much thats why i blog so much,
ok is my english even correct? whatever you get it don’t you?)
I bought this Revlon Colorburst in Soft Nude shade afew days back.
i knowwwww Revlon to some people out there is soooo auntiesss, but they have really good pigments for a drugstore/pharmacy
cosmetic and i reaaaally love them ever since i fell in love with their eyeliners
(both liquid & crayon, currently using crayon. its a staple for me)
so now i’m on the prowl wanting to try their stuffs they have to offer moi. ^^

you won’t regret purchasing any of their items.
but each to their own taste right?
if you’re a maybelline/Lo’real-animal-tested-preferred cosmetic junk of a person then i cannot say anything else for you.
help yourself.
(i do think Revlon is on-par with these 2 brands though, being a former customer of theirs as well.. FORMER i said.)

Stars given: 8/10 stars.
i love the colour, as in i really love it, though to be frank, the pigment is so-so acceptable, first swipe and it’s really sheer so
to go for the really pale/nude colour, at least two swipes. The staying power is not all that great either cos after i ate, the color faded and re-application is optional.

I am, however, very impressed that it really is true to its colour on the tube’s cap, and am totally lovin’ the quilt packaging on it.
It is very moisturizing as well and i like that it’s not too glossy, i’d prefer matte though, which will be soon
(‘nother Revlon collection, im on a spree people), and like they said on their site, it is very weightless and light so you barely feel
like you’re wearing anything on your lips.

As for me, that is very important because i really am not a lip cosmetics kind of person.
Normally i just go without anything on the lips cos i have a habit of biting my lower lip and uhhh.. peeling the skin ok yuck. scratch that.
if this were a real review i would totally be fired.

Reason i bought this ?
i’ve been waiting eons for it to finally hit the island’s drugstores, since it finally has and i probably needed something new to perk things up,
this seemed like the perfect choice, naturally.
i am very happy with it. (: i cant seem to stop wearing it (ok fine, im lying its only been one day, but i’ll wear it tomorrow to the Garden Fest
with ST & Yaya)

note to whoever bothers to read: this is a non-profit review due to blogger’s boredom at home and feeling ecstatic for finally lookin’ at a wide screen to blog instead of squinting, double tapping and hunching over probably developing mild back problems JUST to blog, oh and possibly hunger as well for there isn’t any food to eat and because the blogger has been eating like a whale in Drowned Wednesday by Garth Nix therefore trying to control self from rummaging the kitchen and stuffing blogger’s self with whatever edibles said blogger can find.

Blogger is upset because she can see herself expanding horizontally wider.

-end review people!-

Speaking of tomorrow’s Garden Fest, ZOMG, sexciting because? ok because i get to eat my calamari+fries+teh before anything starts
or after. ^^ teehee. and to see such pretty flowers and posing prettily amongst them… *does a little twirl* geez i love taking photos.
and i miss having my own machine. ): gah its okay, all in good time.

i should stop eating ): is that a… *gasp* double chin i see?!

im gonna go bawl now k.
type soon.



3 thoughts on “Revlon Colorburst Unofficial Review

    1. Alamak! Seriousssss? Photobucket?! Tu bukan abit leceh, tu very leceh o.o but totally phm ah ur love for lj kn.. Haiyer. Vokay thanks eh suggestion.. Takde yg lagi senang?

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