Lovely sunny day..

Thanks Shabby too for yesterday’s dresses
and umm early gift (extremely early pls) but it’s ok. I promise
I’ll open it on the eve k. How sweet can she get?

Today going to learn how to fly kite! So sexcited cos I don’t know how
to play kite -.- and it’s going to be my first time!
*sad childhood expression*

she came over to my place to put the stuffs first and Kitkat
went over to her to say hi and make friends and sat with us while I was looking through the articles. Lol. Shabby, she likes u 😉
Orange wasn’t to be seen cos believe it or not, he’s actually shy. So if u come over and expect to shake paws with pastry boy, he’s just not social

When shab or I can’t remember who else, comes avisitin’ they ask where’s Orange, and I’m like "oh.. He’s hiding.." LOL. Sometimes wish I can be like him -.-
anywayyy the point is that they’re all so cute.

*proud motherly expression*

Ok enough about my obsession -.-
it’s a very pretty day today and I’m going to continue reading
my Superior Saturday (Garth Nix duhh who else)

to want, to need and to possess;
– mac mini mod. With duo platform
– that faber castell pen ST & I have been nuts about (soon k soon)
– Moleskine reporter notebook (cos we all need notebooks ?)
– accessories (feather earrings, more bracelets/bangles and OH!
I am now eligible to buy hair accessories! With diamantes. Those
Diva sets ; purple emerald black & gold)
– "Wanted" DVD ;D

You know what. There’s just too many ^^
but atleast I HAVE accomplished one thing and the feeling is
just…. Pure satisfaction. Who knew 🙂

kbye. Lj communities next.

P.s tomorrow night fest with ST n yaya! Sexcitedddd…


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