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Frigging hilarious I tell u..

Okay want to talk today^^
umm lets see.. On Saturday was our cousin’s solemnisation,
and Sunday was the wedding itself.
Sisters and me were umm carrying baskets filled with guests
gifts. Haha! Very exciting and fun actually. Never thought I
would enjoy it o.o

photos are up on facebook ^^
not that anyone cares I suppose since I been missing for
so long -.-
well, IM BACK,

Oh and I cant post photos thou, which sucks.
Cos I’m not exactly using a pc..
But that’s ok! All in due time ey 😉
in the meantime please be content with my constant
text ramblings.

Meeting mummy Aka mak jah this evening..
And possibly shabby tomorrow, thought of JAC,
but chacha has plans and I don’t think Jerry wants to
hang out with a nutter like me um, alone. Haha. Lol.

Lol Nola kidding, we’ll find a day soon ok..
Can I talk about books I’m reading please??
I been dying to.
Well.. I officially declare that Garth Nix is my most
favourite author of all time right now..
ST introduced me to his series “Keys To The Kingdom”
which starts with Mister Monday all the way to
Lord Sunday. Fiction/fantasy fans would LOVE him as I do.

Just saying.

Trilogy novels Sabriel, Lirael and Abhorsen is awesome to
the max over to oblivion. They’re my heroes, umm heroins.

Next up i’m gonna buy Across The Wall and The Ragwitch.
We’re talking 100% Nix here.
Ok.. So I never thought I’d sound like an extreme nerd
when I return, but well.. Here I am.
I been devouring like 1 book to 2 a day when Internet
wasn’t an option for me. *shrugs*
I can’t help myself.

Damn I’m having fun typing on these qwerty keys ^^
ok before u yawn of utter boredom.. Imma take my leave
now k?

Kiss kiss n happy Tuesday!


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  1. Hahaha! I’ve read the story in the link and it was hilariousss! I got tired with the designer actually.


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