beauty, cuteness and friendships.

can i post sickeningly cute animal pictures please?
why. because they make me happy.
i love cute animal friendships ^.^ regardless of species/race/religion. heh!

if only our cats had other animals to be friends with, that would be great. (idk, maybe out kitties are a little snooty? haha
just kidding, they’re just not given a chance, all they have is each other and us people.)
unfortunately we live in HDB flats and they aren’t very animal friendly are they?
well, the residents anyway. like i said, people. ’nuff said.

these people said they found them like that, thats the best part. ๐Ÿ˜€

awwwwww a snake & a hamster are friends..

i love wolves. they’re so damned good looking and.. fierce all in one.

dog and cubs are friends.. ๐Ÿ™‚

cat and chicks ๐Ÿ™‚

look at their haughty expressions.. i likeee!

i love looking at snuggling kitties. (:

sheep and elephant are friends :’)

sheep & dogs are friends :’) (look at the sheep’s expression! so cute!)

seals have such extremely cute-pretty faces……. want to kisss their whiskers omg so cute i cannot stand it.

tigers n rabbits are friends :’)

cat n finch have lunch together.. :’)
so harmonious.

cat & hamster, cat & mouse.. *shivers with pleasure due to such cuteness*

OMG. pls click this photo! LOL to see it clearer. this is cute friends CLASS 10.0!
rabbit and cat are BESTfriends.. dawwwwww *tears in eyes*

dog and deer friends :’)

ducklings n kitten :’)

elephants seals โค :’)

dog and deer! favouritee..

cant resist adding her in, Alice’s character is really compassionate and pure. (: i like. LOVE the movie & naturally the book.
Tim Burton is truly a magician. mygawdsz.

Great white sharks are super gorge.. i think sharks are cute. see his smile and little eyes? hee โค
and if you watch documentaries and animal planet, when the divers swim with sharks,
sharks behave kinda like cats when they want affection and it is just too cute.
they’re so beautiful and fascinating and magical and.. pure, really. they have no evil intentions, they aren’t bad.
its just the way they are and their instincts, but all they really are is pure.. and hungry sometimes (:

they’re called Harp seals or Saddleback seals. ๐Ÿ˜€ cute right right right!!! such sweet-face.

ducks n rabbits!

daaaaawwwww. i love cows.

YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS ANIME its called : Kiki’s Delivery Service. Kiki’s a witch. (: and the storyline is
just awesome. i’m so gonna watch this after the entry.

kitten n hedgehog

lambs โค

lucky bunnies rescued by Bunny world foundation. arent they adorable.. and pitiful. cos bunnies are often abused
and used for cosmetic testing labs (or animal testing in general, bunnies, rats, hamsters, monkeys etc)
how could people do that kinda cruelty to something with a face like this?? can you? i’d much rather
kill myself than do that because i can never live with myself if i had a black heart like some people.

its a life not worth living.

monkey n cat, monkey n dog.. monkeys are intelligent and very, very, very loving and friendly.
i’d love to meet one someday. (i know. im such a sad childhood case) i used to want to keep a monkey as
a pet when i was younger, then i realize this is SG (thats when i grew older) LULZ. i’d still LOVE to meet one though.

cos they’re clever and cute and all things i will never associate with a person. LOL. kidding, but not really..

*thumbs up* this kid has got such an adorable smile.

i also want to hold a snake someday.

"This galloping guardian is the mane man in a family of ducklings, who he has been taking care of. instead of bein upset he really likes his duck family" awwww. (:

i like stories like this. i can google whole day but nah. i prefer to stumble upon them, that’ll GMH even more.


aww you are so right.

"otters hold hands when they sleep so that they won’t drift apart from each other" :’) such cuteness exists?!

i love dogs. ya’ll lucky people who have dogs.. please treat them well. (:

this is my FAVOURITESTERESTEST pictureeeee. look how sweet. just look!!! *grabs your head & swivels to direction*

pandas are so cute, no? agree with me or strangle yourself k hon-bon.

FAVOURITE! will make wallpaper soon.

okays. i am decidedly in such a freakin’ good mood right now because of all these pictures.
i have SO MANY animal pictures saved and will obviously post more in the entries to come.
right now, i am gonna have a refreshing lil shower, a meal and then on to the bed with my books and
sleepy kitties napping there right now. bliss. ^^

i’ll continue the animes at night? or not. LOL. idk. we’ll see.. or maybe animes first then books. urgh.
i hate deciding. -_-

yes im home on my offday.

hi hi! please to watch this too ๐Ÿ˜€ nothing cruel, wanted to share because the girl is so phierce, me like!

p.s i feel like having something sweet. dessert-y sweet things, cupcakes, doughnuts etc. OOH. i love the donut balls from
a bakery i always buy them from (nearby home), they’re $1 for 6 balls! and i absolutely am crazy about them. O_O
i can eat them all day.. *dreamy sigh* ooh, or maybe chocolate waffles?? oh decisions.. decisions..

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