okay i dont want to be sucha freakin’ baby anymore about people.
i guess if i’m not happy i should just KICK SOME ASS.
(idk why i felt so unhappy, but hey! i almost have everything, why should i be so sad?
we should all count our blessings right? just not… ok nvm. not gonna say what. Read on..)
which still won’t make me happy but still. i’m 19 this year, i mean like, get a bloody grip, Asfa.
live it already.

(thanks mummy jah for posting what you did on your most recent entry for yourself. i always get realizations in the weirdest
places. -_-)

okay, so my wellbeing?
i have been pretty happy (my moods are on a 24/7 swing)
and i’ve laughed alot at TB’s jokes (usually i just scowl, bringing clouds of gloom over us, grumble or, oh, i dont know,
i make alot of fuss -.- yeah sue me,i dont even know why he still sticks with me, that guy must be crazy. ♥_)

anyway, sadly i’m working this sunday and i couldn’t get an off (because i’m given an off tomorrow) and friends
are having a picnic ): "HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME" lor biatches. *sulks* i know i said i didn’t want to come, but changed my
mind k? I DO want to come. sigh. ohwell. (funny how jerry’s right sometimes. dammit.)
and this Sunday is also Myst Exile’s birthday! yes she’s getting old! yay!

so maybe because i am not wanted/rejected (hehehehe) at the picnic, we’ll have a little celebration with M.E.
idk really.
cos i’m broke (not surprised now are we?)
and then July 2nd is TB’s birthday, and the 7th will (always) be a happy day for me..
but the 30th will be pretty sad, but i’m proud. Just take care of yourself! (:

i feel so.. 🙂


gonna go watch soccer with ST.

p.s words have power in them. use them wisely & remember what i said about counting our blessings!
(Dont scorn, look down or be arrogant either, afterall you’re still human like us all and can drop dead anytime so watch it)

for my time, to smile at 😉 ❤


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