anime time!

Watching: Black Butler anime online.
Wanting: Black Butler mangas for collection (i stopped collecting mangas for like a year n a half ):
want to start back. i’ll figure the spaceeeeee no worries!)
While: Eating…….. hmm.. idk. what should i eat along with this yummy anime..

BRB! wanna rummage the kitchen.


before i go, a lil pic for me to smile at:

such a sweet face i dont understand how people can just… humans. i hate people.
anyway want to kiss this face *big smooch to seals n whales all over*
yeah whatever, call me crazy. scornful people can go pout at your shoes and strangle yourselves with
pashmina scarves. 😀


p.s just finished washing the fan n cleaning the ummmm bathroom. damn i feel good.

pp.s also, can i brag a little bit about The Boy? just a tiny bit, nvm, i type very fast k? i still cannot forget
the other day, he sent me home, i told him to just go off first n leave me at the void deck cos theres
Carpet (the little grey kitty who’s just like my lil Orange) whom i havent seen in a long time, just relaxing
at the bench and i umm, wanted to go and greet him. so TB was going to say goodbye to me (i’ve
already sat beside Carpet) he kneeled down by the bench, held Carpet’s face between his palms and kissed
Carpet’s face, got up, hugged me and strode off (you know he has this confident walk). i cannot stand
the sweetness that he kissed Carpet (its his 1st time meeting the lil grey fella)
can i just say The Boy (i still cant believe i have a bf) GMH.

okay2! fine. its not just that. i could write a book to list down all the sweet things he has done just for me.

told you not to judge a book by its cover *smirks*
anyway, this coming 12th = 8months! yay. 😀


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