Nitemare on Elm St


its okay, not too bad a movie.. TB says it could be better, he likes the older ones best?
Freddy freaks me out. ): i was covering my face alot. LOL.
but its okay, i think im a cupcakes n rainbows kinda person right now.
this kinda horror isnt really my cuppa. ):
my favourite horror would be Sleepy Hollow! ever since i was very young till now. 😀 doesn’t change.

before met him, i was seriously in a bit of a tizz.
ever felt like nothing u wear seems right?
thats how it was with me today DAMMIT. -_-
i chose my bottoms already, i just didnt know what to wear for the top.
so i kept changing and still i couldnt decide. ): and i was late already (sorry bb..)
so thats why i was late to meet him *shrugs*, i said 5pm i’d be there, i reached like.. 6. ):

Very sorry k.

tomorrow meeting JAC + mummy.
k gonna read all email newsletters then to sleep. nitey, or should i say, Gd Morning. ^^

been listening to alotta house lately. -_- im sorry. IDK why.
so shoot me.


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