i always(most of the time) do what i want, according to my book and my wishes. cos if i dont do them, nobody will. (:

today is the last day of the performances and both 2 days have been good. (i know so obsessed, get a grip Asfa) im really glad that so far they have received a big support from (alot of) the malay community, people who are aware of it (cos its part of the SG Arts Fest), and alot of young people as well 😉 im happy to see them.
and i enjoy the whole thing alot, like.. who knew that i would.

in fact, i learn some things that may differ from what other individuals learn, and that is precious.
the big picture though, i learnt that theres not just one type of malay traditional dance. (sorry, im very out of touch with what is supposed to be OUR culture and i wished my friends came they would have at least liked and learnt something out of it but they were being utterly stoneheaded and narrow so wtv -_-)

i want the 7th to come quickly.
and the 15th to play kite(s)
so fast is June.. then it’ll be July.. and then August & the fasting month, and then… *groaaan* raya. tsk.

unrelatedly; lately have been using :
Lipice color lipbalm in Sweet Rose.
ST gave it to me just cos she didnt like the color.. but i like it! and its so light on the lips.. so i really like it.
idk why im even writing about it, maybe because i dont use anything on my lips -_- and this is the first most
comfortable balm i’ve ever used.. so.. hehe.. promote! (i always do this with things i really love or am passionate about. -_- i talk about them. i cant help myself. yay!)

and another thing, recently i have gotten into fantasizing about my future home decor and i take great delight in going through departmental stores looking at their tableware/kitchen ware sections (almost to the point of an obsessive hobby) i feel like ummmmmmm HOUSEWIFE k wtf, but! can i please share one of my (many) favourite tableware, just one, promise.

this particular design i’ve fallen in love with since forever, since i first came across it with ST at Taka nearly 1-2yrs ago.
Brand: Royal Albert;

and its been on my FAVOURITE’s list and my preference isnt changing. this photo does it no justice k i swear.
they’ve teacup n saucer sets, mugs, plates, cake stand, sandwich tray, hostess set (my fav as well..) AND the 3pc
tea set:

i cannot stand it! this is my fav design of all time. i absolutely LOVE the gold lining and it looks so tea party-ish and whimsical. so storybook-ish. get what i mean? k whatever. one day i’ll own them all. 😀

k i am absolutely done with my promoting and now i am going to talk about (as usual) animal welfare.
everyone knows that i am crazy and i have high potential of turning into the crazy cat lady.
i dont mind ppl’s jabs anymore because its not them who matters and i have little patience and time to listen to their negativities.
whatever it is, abusing cats & any other living creatures is absolutely unforgivable no matter your age.
i have an intense hatred for people who do just that.
it is one thing to abuse humans/women/children or ME,  but a whole other kettle of fish to abuse animals, who’ve done NO wrong and have no sins whatsoever and they who have EVERY right to live peacefully just like how WE want peace for ourselves.

so why do i see this:

Toa Payoh North Cat abused.
happened on Nov 2009, even if its last year’s story, there’s no reason why this should be overlooked
because these kinda things happen everyday, in every country all over the world.

i mean what the fucking fuck people???
they’re even speculating that this is the work of some demented children living in the area.
those children need a good beating i suggest with a bamboo shoved up their ass in conjunction.
Are parents not teaching their kids? or are the parents themselves like that? or.. maybe its not the parents fault and these kids shouldnt have been born? these are such sick kids i wonder what happened to them.
they’re gonna be freaking serial killers in the future. bloodyhell.
this is no laughing matter, it doesnt even remotely resemble a joke. its really not funny.

it is crucial to educate people and especially children to have compassion for animals. to be kind to them and to respect them. to treat them humanely just like how you would treat a peer/another person.-_- because animals have feelings just like us.
you dont necessarily have to like/love them, even if you dont, then stay away from the animal!
what is so fucking hard about that?
otherwise just watch your back cos Miss Karma’s gonna kick your sorry ass and there’ll be no mercy. Tit For Tat.

on the other hand, caring residents just have to be on alert i guess. *shrugs*

with that said, i like Pawpledge then, and its time for me to get ready for tonight anyway. 😀
tata. Have a good evening *bigkiss*

p.s what if your whole life is a dream and you dont even realize it? not realizing = not waking up. Moral of the story? Live your dream. – Yours Truly; Asfa. 😉


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