Zapin D’Muara @ malay heritage center 28th-30th may.

check that out; the title, friends.
why dont you malay kids go there for a change instead of lepak-ing around talking cock ey? (:
now im in love with zapin music. -_- geez.

also, who knew ‘zapin’ is like a malay ‘modern dance’ thing. i really enjoyed watching the whole thing yesterday.
tonight theres another one as well.. 8.30pm and tomorrow too. (i really feel like i wanna go.. hmm.. maybe i should?)
they have representatives from Johor & Indonesia as well. 😀
and its all really so cultured and.. foreign, its fascinating. really, really fascinating.
shame on you people who dont know what zapin is *furtive glance at ST*

Newsflash: wait a minute omg?! is LJ taking away the privilege of uploading/posting photos and i have to get a bleeding paid account just to do that?? omg!!! *hysterical* omg?!!! YOUR KIDDING ME. RIGHT? U GOTTA BE. OHMAIGAWWWD. gimme a break!!!! is this a temporary maintenance shit or for real?! IF FOR REAL I AM SO NOT GONNA STAND THIS OK. i was just about to share photos. ): and i cant. (the function is restored 30th may ’10, sunday, you can however access the umm, photos at my LJ scrapbook. ^^)

such utter cunt-ism hurled at me. how could they. HOW COULDDDD ANY BLOG PLATFORM do that. ): 3 years!!
is 3 years r/s NOTHING to you LJ?! if this keeps up im saying a tearful goodbye and im packing my bags and marrying some other (platform). HMPH.

enough of my drama. *wipes tears and flicks hair in attempt to look okay*
here’s 3 videos i took of yesterday. the first two is the same dance but cut into two because of the stupid lady who stood up
and blocked my recording.
and the last one is my favourite song of the whole night, apart from "yaladan". 😀
and i am UTTERLY in love with that girl who plays the violin in the background okay? I LOVE YOU. I LOOK UP TO YOU. YOU ARE AWESOME. ZOmgletshangoutttzzxx LOL k kidding la. -_-

very2 sorry for my shaky hands. -_-

you HAVE to listen to this 3rd video; just listen you dont hv to watch, pls appreciate the beauty of the instrumental! SUKA I!!:

can i talk afew sentences about the recent oil spills?? Gulf’s and OUR OWN SPILL in changi?! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? k im so upset dammit. ):

" The National Wildlife Federation reports that already more than 150 threatened or endangered sea turtles are dead. And 316 sea birds, mostly brown pelicans and northern gannets, have been found dead along the Gulf Coast as a result of the spreading oil. " RE: Gulf oil spill. and what about the ocean life.. poor babies. im so sorry. what a stupid n unforgivable mistake to make. this is the WORST oil spill ever recorded in history as well. i really2 hope all will get better, please, pleaseeeee salvage everything as best as (these people) can..

Gulf oil spill: 10 horrifying facts you never wanted to know. Read this?

p.s i feel like using my Guess blue faux fur bag to keep my foodstuffs in (i.e lunchbag). umm, call me crazy? but its just
a bloody bag ok and besides got it free (it was unwanted so i adopted it) from a teacher and its just sitting there (it hasnt seen the light of day since ’08 and i pity it, i want to bring it around but not as an ‘everyday’ bag.. ive got that already so.. yes.
no approval needed, was just gonna state what im gonnathinking of doing with it so goodbye.) and its the PERFECT size. so we’ll see ey.. we’ll see. gotta be careful with the outside i guess but the inside can be taken care of with washing, i’ll try to not spill anything though.
(i’ve just googled alot of faux fur cleaning/washing methods..) très chic. mmhmm hon. i am a nut in your eyes.

i can deal with that.


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