i am Miss Homely.

finally a break. -_- 5days till 1st june.. ^^ yay.
want to post pictures of cupcakes first.. i want to bake ):

LOL. cute huh! but the first one looks SO delish!

next up; fav style n accessories


pencil leg

japanese twill skinny leg. i really like this whole combo.
my 3 favs from J brand @ Gilt sale.

Marc Jacobs cat shoulder bag. dawwwwww! cute. ^^

Marc Jacobs fabric mouse flat. love this!

Alice + Olivia congo pants; want! k, well.. really2 like more like..

astrology tells me to watch my back today. whazzat supposed to even mean? -_-
keep away from me k betrayer or i’ll smack the fack out of you. (:

the other day 2 customers — a couple asked me where they could get handkerchiefs.
i wouldn’t laugh cos THAT IS THE MOST AMAZING creation to stop using tissue, i felt like hugging them at the moment -_-
now its my turn to wonder where i can buy nice ones?

i want to say thank you to:

& on some days when im feeling it:

& on days im broke:

without you my lil honeysuckles, i would be.. a zombie in the next Resident Evil movie.
you’ve no idea how much mommy loves you k -_-

p.s sometimes i wished i lived on a farm. no, scratch that, not sometimes, all the time really. much quieter than city life. -_- maybe one day i can visit one?
i think im influenced by the Famous FiVe stories. whatever.

also, i want to be a superhero. seriously. not  cos of the movie Kick Ass either. i feel like designing a costume for it.
and then what huh? what??

list of 100 essential skills for the green do-it-yourself

i want to host/be invited to a picnic pleaseeee. 🙂
my friends? up to it?
preferably in late June or July. let me know babies.
Tb, Rizal & Syai are taking me kite-flying very soon. n_n i am so excited for it.

byeee hon-bon.


6 thoughts on “i am Miss Homely.

      1. im not a kitchen girl, so cook ke bake ke, i suck at all that!
        anw dah lama gila oi tak pakai handkerchief so im not too sure. but my mum said kat geylang banyak hahaha you can try there 😉

      2. SAME LA. -_- i intend to learn cooking this year, if not how to survive *muka orang slalu makan maggi*, betul tu! handkerchief zaman primary sch budak ingus, aku paham.. geylang eh? which part dia tahu? hahaha! takkan aku nak merayau seluruh geylang in search.. x)

      3. hahahah. ok dah tanya sama Ibu. dia cakap dia tak tau camane nak describe itu kedai -.- she only said dekat kedai berkat berkat joo chiat complex or smtg. not helping eh hahaha happy searching ah babe 😀

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