what a giant k. freak . =p

bad news : i developed allergies to eyelash glue (the one i’ve used since FOREVER, IDEK how this happened) ):
ho hum. FML. the one thing i REAAALY liked and i cant use ’em anymore.
right after the day we went HWaves, at night i removed e lashes, my eyelids were swelling.. n the next day i looked like a freak cos it got worse, and i had to go to work.. geez.. so i am pretty much very2 sad. :’-(

i love my nasi pattaya. oh k. um last friday, 14th.. after work met ST & yaya.. n_n
our checkpoint will always be KGC. and after work i was damn hungry.. ravenous.. and so..
i had this n my usual — calamari rings (heh heh) and the teh. staples.

yay~ i look like a monsta.. so ST says.

hummmmm…….. BLUR LA. -_-

HAHAHAHHA… the last one checkoutmyface.

then esplanade had a performance etc. so we went..

i likey this stilt freak.

then we went to marina bay sands;

k dah. zat iss all.

really hope tomorrow will be a better day..
havent been feelin good lately. ):
not health-wise.. just.. something inside y’know?

afternoon shift tomorrow.
tho its 12+am.. im hungry.. therefore gonna eat.

i miss Bengal. ):


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