HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY SHABBY :D n um Happy Moms Day..

HAHAHAHAHA  these big gulp cups have alot of stories to tell.
lol! too funny and embarassing.

and though its just the pathetic 3 of us..
we sang her a song k. :p

mak jah looks great yesternight ^^ (tetap bersyaitawn though.. that doesnt change..)

cute shabby.. ^^

um.. shabby? THANKS ARRR. great pic of a tree. ;P

grumpy girls.

k damn fuggss..

is fiza doing what i think she is…??? um.. sleeping? hahahahahahahahahah k @  this pic.

ummmm. i was eating and shabby said "asfa! sini! amek gambar!"
kau tanak aku makan cakap k nextime

"fiza!! kau next!" ………………………………………….. k @ the photographer.

k @ fiza. lek ah aku tak marah kau apa. -_-

– end of shabby birthday photos –

oraaaaaaaaange.m ijy87dy7y7yr7yre you’re beaaautiful.

k eye rings.

say hi to my lil kitty earrings 😉 cute cute cute cute.
from one of the stalls at The Cathay..
there’s blue and this green, both are beautiful but i like green better..

these — taken on last thursday 6th may while waiting for fiza around 6+ nearing 7 @ marina sq mcdonalds outdoor
i like how the little orange one floats overlapping the big one and how the big one has a
lining.. 😀 pretty.

this top from zara, in 4 colors.. i considered buying.. only $19.90!
then theres another version in topshop (longer/bigger).. then.. idk. won’t wear more than afew times so..
no point is there..?

say ‘Hi’ to new fav! 😀 k. i know it doesnt have a square point, but wtv.. its comfortable and so feet friendly.. ^^

while waiting for fiza yesterday @ bugis station.. HAHAHAHA. then i got up (cos i was so um bored n feelin peckish) some chocolate snack.. ^^ i love it. melting chocolate while its warm is ALWAYS the best isnt it.. um yea, no pics. O_O
and the other day (tues night) went to newyork newyork with sisters without pics too ): cos i forgot to bring the cam..
i didnt think i’d need it cos i thought we were just gonna go sheng siong or something. -.- it was impromptu. *shrugs*

i think i need to sleep early.
eyes are horrid to look at. -_-

i have a confession!: i have a newfound dislike for CHICKEN. (i was a former chicken girl n not anymore)..
i cant swallow it anymore. =/ like.. yuck. i love hens though. ^^ they’re so cute.


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