im gonna whine, so shut it k.

still get abit dizzy once in awhile.
yesterday at work fiza n shabby came by during my break (sweet eh) and we had a nice time.
still no appetite (didnt eat properly for um, plus today will be 3 anna 1/2 days.)
nevermind. nap later.

ughh.. cramps. -.-
i hv stories to tell, in particular about these 2 ‘orang sepet’ from that negeri couple tried to be smart with me yesterday.
if it wasnt cos of my job, her boyfriend wouldnt go home coherent. (very mad k.)
some more, SO CHEAPO dont buy la! still wanna argue with me, balek negeri lah kau.
kirakan da pandai bebual english, kau big fuck ah? kau cium pubic hair bapak kau dulu k.
tell you what tau bro – kau balek rumah, harap kau goncang sampai tak bangun lagi k?


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