it is official. i can see myself in the future surrounded by cats, living alone n happy as a clam.
i made a tumblr! solely dedicated to our resident cats 😀 (& for Orange, really, cos his photos are BURSTING in my folders)
so i needed space to share all tha shizz and extreme cuteness and well.. there ya go:, honeybuns.
hee! i just finished queuing their megadorable photos from JUST one folder, geez. and there’s MANY more to come. go me!

p.s i started out with prowlsquad, then decided that i was posting too many Orange photos, so i thought of orangeandfriends/orangenfriends (i know, sick, asfa, sick). i settled with OrangeSquad. and this name is not going
anywhere so soon. ^^ i am so happy. yayy.


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