saturday night.

sorry. im the crazy umm. feline lady and i love my pastry boy so much.. a.k.a Orange ^^
dammit, he could be the poster boy for cat food.
enough rambling..

wanted to capture the dark rainy day ‘look’. dont know if i made it. -_-

i love rain. 😀
Anson the cat is terrified of thunder though.

went to malay heritage center’s Art Weekend. it was nice. this pot probably holds the ink for the batik designer.

the art supplies.

this is nice.

the designer. (:

you have to enlarge this! too amazing, its beautiful.

M.E with packs of canned milo! free, of course *flicks hair* awesome awesome awesome. who doesn’t love free munches?
I DO! i love free food. im cheaaap and i dont even care for people’s judgements. ^^

ok. lemme explain why we went there. Arts Weekend, people. for yesterday there was a talk with a local movie producer
Sanif Olek and the SLEEQ boys. l0l[yes]really. Sleeq. i know about them but i dont listen to their music, apparently
they’re good (ok shoot me, support local artistes Asfa) when they performed for an hour in the hall (supposed to
be performed outdoors but the weather was being brilliant and rainy). People who came weren’t much, and it is no wonder
because me, being me wouldn’t even pickup the invitation/postcard they designed even if you force fed me rats poison.
ok im kidding, its not that bad/ugly/horrible, BUT REALLY!! what do i know about marketing right, being a beauty therapy
grad -_- BUT HEY, try to capture people’s attention! number one: an awesome invite ! the one they had wasnt attractive at.all, didnt even show their purpose about the whole thing.

i didn’t even KNOW about this if M.E wasn’t involved in the thing (her workplace. fullstop). ok whatever.
imma stop being a brat  and complaining. the event was really good 😀 i had a really good time, HONESTly. i just wished
many people came.. they should know about these things happening at the museum y’know, because they’re doing great,
they’re just not reaching out to the the public enough. *shrugs* so many of us are missing alot of good things (and free food!). its called FACEBOOK, get one. 🙂 i mean it in a friendly way, i loved yesterday and it’d be great if many more
other people came to support to have a good time.

the two guys manning the food stands (popcorn, hotdogs, drinks n other snacks!) FREE, of course. 😀
[seriously, where, nowadays, can u ever get a free anything? so pardon me for being alil overenthusiastic about this]
i love free. im Queen of Cheap, nice to meet you *shakes hands*

AWESOME sweet popcorn! the popcorn was SO.LIGHT. as in, it isnt too heavy in sugar! just nice. it was perfect, so perfect
that i had 2 paperbags of the thing for the day. O_O (we ate alot yesterday. daminee)
i didnt eat the hotdogs though, sorry, processed food (but their buns looked good and i was tempted, but naaah)
BESIDES, hotdogs are REALLY unhealthy cos they’re basically a variety of meats and meat by-products
that have been put together and sealed. too much of processed foods (cos they’re unnatural) can lead to cancer baby.

ok fine. so i have afew *ahem* diet books on me, not cos im anorexic or eating disordered ok? (i *heartshape* food)
its cos i want to learn more
about healthy & sensible eating & what goes on in our foods. thats why. *shrugs* its a constant study for me.. ^^ and im
actually enjoying every minute of it *dork*

damn my cheeks.

lol cute. i loved this so much. i love paperbags. *fetishist*

thats the outdoor film screening (for the night )

SLEEQ boysss
damn they’re pretty good. (sorry, my first time listening yesterday pls dont harm me fangirls)
and i just AHEM dropped by their facebook fanpage and all the fans are girls. ^^ isnt that cute n unsurprising.

after heritage we went to.. MARINA BAY BRIDGE ! it opened yesterday.
ofcourse uncompleted yet.. but ok. pics.

went by circle line *hehe first time also, K yesterday recce like hell ^^ whee~

the really high escalators.. ^^

Promenade station has these pretty discoballs! i like. *eyes shining*

love the spotlights 😉 so hollywood.

prolly from the fireworks earlier.

c and G? what’s it mean?? =/

shared. loveeee the strawberry cheesecake.. O_O

mango cheese n strawberry cheesecakes.

-end of yesterday photos. wewent home by 12+ and reached 1+ and fell asleep soon after.-

my powder puff. 😀 see how luscious he is..

the luscious girl — Mimi, the grumpy rabbit cross-breed cat. lol. not really. just that she hops and scampers like a rabbit,
and perpetually grumpy. but still cute right.

awwww this is so cuteee. look at her megadorable paws. ^^ want to kiss it.


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