dear stranger,

its like, my facebook is MY page y’know?
whatever i post there (or anywhere else!) is purely of my own interest and i dont even give a fuck about another’s opinions.
like if you’re fucked up, keep it to yourself, i dont NEED or even REQUESTED a lil peek in your tiny brain.
yesterday was Earth day and even when you believe the world is going to end ANYWAY
(and why bother saving it or try to)
your negativities does not benefit you, me or anybody else, its junk, pure shit, kay?
as for me, why i would like to help save ANYTHING at all, be it the environment or animals,
is cos i respect and love them. the world is really too beautiful and that we should stop harming it,
and animals have souls just like you and me, they deserve to live just like you and me, they should feel loved
and secure and happy, just like you and me. so why are they subjected to cruelty?
its not fair. no living creature deserves that (like who gave us the right to be cruel anyway?)
thats why i tell you humans really are destructive beings, but we are our only hope as well if we wanted
anything done or helped. so yea, its 2 way.
at least now, if i dropped dead, i would know that i did whatever i can to make a change,
no matter how fuckin little it is.
because every little effort COUNTS, even when you do it unconsciously and
unintentionally and even when you dont see it.
that is why if many people are aware and kept an open mind about
what the fuck is going on around them apart from their shallow little lives, and instead of dissing or
ridiculing other people, then maybe you could learn something and appreciate the good things and
the beauty of whats right here and infront of you.

SO ANYWAY, i dont even intend to preach, i never have.
i just do what i like and if people accept me for who i am,
then good for you, if you think im nuts and totally out of touch, then good for you too i suppose.

back to rant: thats one point for not respecting what i believe in
(i dont mind, cos i know alot of negative ppl n its best they’re left to their own dying worlds),
but dissing and attacking my SISTER? (or mother, or pets or whatever is dear to me), thats taking it alil too far.
MystExile wouldn’t have said that if he had shown respect and maybe just shut his dick in between a door
about the video i posted.
like if you’re gonna be so negative about anything at all,
then MY PAGE is not where you’re even supposed to be.
its your beliefs, your problem, buddy. not mine. its good enough i even accepted you in fb in the first place,
and was civilized to you AT ALL.

if he could have taken what my sister said lightly or not replied at all instead of dissing her outright,
then maybe we all could have respected him alittle. but what he has posted is a little bit too harsh isn’t it?
it was so childish i am ashamed that i even know him. to diss people’s APPEARANCE?? how low can you get?
is that all that he knows? Oh My God. And people say "People change." RIGHT.

"I promise nt to put any stupid comment again..pls add me back:( btw,ur sis started it first seh..die kate nk srh eliminate me seh….tk fair tau.. "

what are you? a baby? please stop it. stop trying to follow me. it will always end up in a disaster ok.
you’ll always make me have high blood pressure so please leave me alone n let me live a long healthy life.
i dont want my jugular vein popping. in your presence, SURELY something will screw up.
i cant get along. and im not sorry, cos it was over a long time ago.
it wouldn’t hurt you to learn a little respect as well, fade away, dick.


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