my vagina is ringing while looking at these pictures (sorry, did i scare you with too much pretty?)
say hi to my dreamgirl;
Chloe’s ‘Sally’ Bag.

i never in my life thought i’d go crazy for Chloe. i always thought i’s stick to Kate Spade’s.
i love the boxy construct. ^^ lovelovelovelove.
wanna stare lovingly. definite WANT. (but ‘get’ is another thing)

also been looking at:

click picture for source.
THEORY Melora Pants.

well. updates;


How to Train Your Dragon
:- ‘Toothless’ is TOO CUTE!!!! He reminds me of Loomie when he vomited the fish out. (Loomie vomits alot)
and when he sat upright and looked at Hiccup . ahhhH! i kept giggling delightedly and squealing/screaming in my head
at the sheer cuteness of it all. love this love this!! too sweet. I LOVE YOU TOOTHLESS!! *fansign*,

Clash of The Titans

:-ST thinks it could’ve been, and that the first one is better. *shrugs* i think its awesome cos i havent watched
the first one. love the graphics. ’nuff said.


Theres some event thing going on at Padang??? today?
want. -_-

p.s i dreamt Orange was a handsome green-eyed boy. O_O omg. wow wow wow. but snap out of it, Asfa.
Orange is a cat. i still am deeply in love with him though. ^^ awww.
sorry no kitty pictures as of late (i know some people come here just to oggle at them,
i have no idea why they’re so cute either!),
haven’t charged camera battery.. (im charging it right now..) so yup.
stay tuned.

pp.s yesterday wasn’t a good day. -_- im sorry. i don’t know what came over me. feel like crap today.
dont be sorry kay, you’re not in the wrong.. yet. i’ll just take what comes my way.


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