i say… Starbucks better start moving their ass to recycling. read article here.
it says they dont want to make an effort to recycle. WHY?!  what utter twerps.
(besides on a sidenote, coffee is not good for you *evil glint*)
and even if you so need it, drink it in a mug like any normal person? (:

i quit coffee. i know i know, im ‘too’ young to like caffeine and stuff (im just 16 18 turning 19. ahem),
must be the family’s influence, but im a tea convert now. i dont drink sodas at all (hate ’em) and im an aquaholic
(mineral’s the way to go). kbai.

another article i’d like to share;
i know alot of us in today’s society like to go tanning
(im not talking about me cos i scamper into any visible shades whenever im under the
sun, im an indoor person who is constantly paranoid about turning dark)
and we all know how bad that is for the skin..
but did you know, wearing sunscreens can cause you skin cancer too, this is really worrying.
i thought sunscreens would protect me. -_- (not that i wear any, its too sticky for my liking. eww.)

-end of article sharing session-


we arewere getting married. soon.
LOL. i like his ‘manly’ looks, though i suspect in reality he is anything but.
(im not usually fond of male models but he captured moi attention)
i cant deal with another narcissist though. im sorry. wedding’s off.
sticking to one.. or two.

want something like this.
i know studs is so 5min ago for some, too bad im abit late in the ‘heeled shoes’ section and i like this.
i like this, means i like it. i dont give a flyingfack what anyone says. want want want want.
that one in wisma, you’re DESTINED to be with me! you wait for me kay baby?
mummy promise to get you outta there n bring you home to meet family and friends n all the kittycats and
we go places together, promise promise promise.

you know the feeling whereby you see something and lust after it?
you know its ‘the one’ when you see it, right? (just agree with me)..
i think im gonna visit my future babyshoes today before i meet fiza..


LOVE THE SHINE N THE GREEN TREES, LOVE TODAY. ๐Ÿ˜€ its gonna be awesome.
mood is so uplifted by looking at the window (i think we hv a great view)


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