scruffies, n ytd dinner.

p.s adopt, do not buy. the world doesn’t need anymore pet stores, period. too many abandoned and homeless animals in shelters waiting for good homes. so if you ever want a pet, adopt kay? not buy. dont be an utter twerp and say
"oh, i dont like hand-me-downs" cos you know what? fuck you.
they’re not accessories.

Easter’s coming. poor bunnies.

pp.s another thing im mad about, i cant seem to find the Revlon Colorburst lipstick anywhere!!! ): i badly want the fuchsia
one. why SG doesnt sell??? WHYWHYWHY. tsk wahlaowey! so inconvenient okay, very very pissed.
i need recommendations for vibrant, unapologetic fuchsia lip colors. i dont bloody care, i want that color by hook or crook.
i’ll kill someone to have it. i’ve been looking everywhereeeeee without results
(most of ’em colors are so.. dull. i DONT WANT DULL PINK OK?) so upset.

Anson is such.a.pillowwww. ^^

ah! mimi so cutee!

awwwwwww. 😀

d-awwwwwww! *tears welling up in eyes* shes just so cuteeeeee.

LOL! I LIKE THIS! I like it very much! love his expression here. so inquisitive.

LOL! look at his cute little pink tongue!!! awwwwww

awwww.. these are nice! (even if i do say so myself, AHEM)

i am aware how ridiculously dry my hair is, by the way. last i checked, i have split ends.
omg. TRAGIC, i tell you. i want to cryyyy. but its okay. not the end. i ‘ll just trim it.
better than being bald.

next: The Boy’s friend; Bo Rui’s bday dinner @ simpang. ^^
(my first time meeting his friends in a group, since the last 5months we were together,
if i had balls, they would have been stuck at my throat, i swear i was so nervous.)
Turns out his friends are nice la.. *shrugs* i didn’t know what to expect, i’ve heard good stories about them all,
and The Boy certainly loves his friends alot.. so i figured, dont be a twit, Asfa, and try to get along, right?

i was quiet. I KNOWWWW *wails* if you’re my friend! quiet OR innocent is the last thing that comes to mind in
describing me. -_- i cant believe i was so quiet yesterday (you woulndn’t have recognized me with my mouth shut, i promise.) sure i did talk. alittle. to The Boy’s bro and Rizal..
(whom i’ve met afew times before, so thankfully they were there..)

his friends were funny. (: i kinda like them. hopefully one day we’re able to get along just great.
(i never thought im a shy person, you know. but first times/days are always tough, true?)

i look so disheveled. (just so you know, i look like crap in most of the pics) i forgot to bring my hair scrunchie ): was
so nervous that i forgot. *deep sigh*

this is Rizal n The Boy’s younger bro .

the cheesefries was good! but i only had like 5sticks of the thing. i was too full with rice. (um, i’ve changed you know.
i dont eat as much anymore.. not cos i dont want to, its cos i cant fit in as much anymore.)

some chicken thing. oh before i forget to share (or brag, whatever) The Boy was so sweet (about me being a freak),
i told him i dont know how to eat like.. because its like alot of dishes at one go like a buffet
(but its all at the table, not like u queue up! i’ve never tried this, never had a gathering and ate together, call me sad childhood or whatever k, but this is honest.)
and so many people, and then he ask me ‘dont you n your friends eat like this?’
um. to answer? no we dont. we dont eat when we meet. we usually meet after dinner, we’ve never even seen
a ‘buffet’ together, let alone a gathering dinner. so yes, the experience was kinda fun, the eating together thing.. (: i like.
im sounding weirder by the minute, look, i know, ok?

you know, he’s suchhhhhh a nice person, he puts up with so much of my quirks. i never thought i’d ever find someone
i can totally be myself with and still accepts me as a partner, i also like to take this chance to say thank you to Jerry and
Chacha & the boys; Hilmi, Erwin for still loving me even if i am alittle weird, nerdy, premenstrual and stuff 😀
love you all so much…
you’d never have thought, would you? awwwwww… stoppeeetttt.. stop this speech right now, or im gonna cry tears of joy.


ah! i look so…… *bawls* chubbs )’:

i had a milo dino, and i woke up today with such a sore throat. ): I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE ORDERED MINERAL!
tsk. dammit.
but-but.. it look so good.. and tasted good too! its okay i suppose.

i like this tofu! (:

Haziq (i think thats his name if im not wrong and dont have hearing disorders – which i dont) and The Boy ^^ ok fine. he has
a name, its Ariffien. -_-

sorry , the first dude i cant remember his name. O_O shoot me?
but i am positive i’ve seen him somewhere.. i just cant remember.. -_- ok nvm.

they’re both cousins. sorry. i dont know how thats relevant, just felt like i should type it out for the sake of it.

Crab! which i didnt eat — i was trying to avoid alot of the meat-stuffs. *shrugs*

that indian guy is Dhaya, lol. totally matrep in every way, but he’s VERY nice! he’s also crazy funny and hysterical. LOL.
very entertaining guy. i like this dude.. aiya, all of them are crazy funny la. i had fun.

ok burok sia asfa side profile. -_-

Bo Rui & his gf, Li Ling (i think thats the spelling) who is also very nice! ^^



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