miss my copper color actually.

myst exile left for hong kong yesterday. hope she arrived safely.

Cleo’s 50 most eligible bachelors party on 19th at Zirca, passes courtesy of Strange Tea
(she shoots for the magazine sometimes.)
event was okay la. nothing like OMFG awesome.
the bachelors were pimped and girls were squealing i started to wonder what the fack was i doing there.
(if not for a free pass i wouldnt step there.)
its stupid stupid stupid. in my opinion anyway. the whole country think its great though, so yeah.
oh but wait, the bachelors were hot la. im not immune okay.. but i feel decidedly dumber now after the event.

ummm. and then..
i re-colored my hair.
^^ its a demure ash again. its the color i first had, if im not wrong. (: i kinda like it.
not too bright or too dark. i wanted to try dark purple. -_- myb next time.
my hair color is dark n doesnt show up in pictures.. but thats okay.

ate at TCC..

OHMYGAWD- MINE (umm, and alil of ST’s portion, we shared, but its mostly mine anw). seafood aglio olio.

loveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveitloveit.. *drool*
im not a pasta/noodle person you know! BUT THIS is too lovely.

mine again.. Rose Juliet. (before that accidentally ordered something with gelatin in it so had to change to this. thanks
to the kind staff for alerting moi, "oh.. melayu ehh, btw this drink ada gelatin tau jelly dia.." ok classic. so grateful to her.)

we were supposed to do the typical "club" facial expression. thats my attempt. how? can pass?
my first time know.

some guy (i have a feeling he has a rank.. ) offered to take pic for us, yes and its off-center. but thanks anyway!

this is my favvvvv pic! 😀

so you mean there are zones where you can snort?

from Yaya’s cam:


cute ehhh

k. look so chubbs. ):

eeee i look so sleazy. btw this is the michael jackson’s ‘thriller’ pose (they were playing it, hence i was inspired.)

dont know who.

so thats my first time at zirca.
bet its the last time too — unless ppl have free passes again.
i dont see the point in spending so much money at clubs. no offence clubber friends. *shrugs*
better thangs to do.

so thanks ST n Yaya, i did have fun with your company.. ^^ even if the whole thing was bullshit n pathetic.

yesternight met shabby.

i know i know. my nails are so…….. ugly. need to get a new color soon. ]= i was thinking blue.. actually i want
gold but it must be the perfect shade of gold or im gonna be really upset. *bimbo mode*

whats with my teeth right?

thanks shabby, yesss your edits are so cute ;p

next up. scruffies:

my boy so cute.. ^^

yesternight Tigermom kept screaming cos Mimi & Orange were bullying Loomie
(um, who btw always gets bullied.)
and TM was threatening to throw those two out. -_- tsk.
hope she doesnt mean it..
(im sure she doesnt, right? *convincing self*she loves them, even when she screams at ’em.)
thing is, i notice, the naughty ones (that is Mimi N orange) are close to me..
or i am close to them, (very fond of ’em..) so im trying to err.. decipher the significance of this. LOL.
i think i attract crooks. or.. im attracted to crooks. whatever, Loomie has to learn to protect herself.. now that
myst exile is at Hong Kong for the week. HEH. luuuuvvvv Orange. *deep sigh n stares at his picture*
he’s so intelligent, really. all of them.. they’re smart, they just act stupid. thats all.

I LOVE BREAD AND JAM! this is my new favourite jam 😀 it has strawberry chunks in it!! n its not
too sweet.. has a slight sour tang.. ITS SO NICE! ST bought this.. ^^ luv it luv it..

miss the rust color. LOL. actually. O_O,

Choky.. ^^

and he sleeps ontop of the oven. (:

my boy again!

dont know whats the point of this. old color.

i luv thisss. he looks so sleepy.

LOL! check out his faceeeee like "gerroofff me! lemme go! dont kiss me!", but Orange! i love youuuuu, unrequited love.
-_- hah, he’s so lovely. if only he weren’t so naughty then tiger dont have to scream at him. -_-

aaaaand, its raining! (: YAY! I.LOVE.RAIN!


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