information overload.

this is too cute! πŸ˜€
Smiling cat soup bowl. LOL.

i adore this.
awww, is my domestic instinct kicking in.. actually the site has ALOT of treasures if one will
just take the time and look at the goodies they have to offer ;p (or maybe thats just cos im a nerd at heart.)
of course its all for a good cause too
nevermind, ONE DAY with lots of money and my own debit.

SophistiCat cosmetic case..

i’d consider this, all i have now is the kind of Vintage purses with cartoon girls on the front.
they’re nice, but this is a sweet change.
i publicly declare i like (not love okay) pink now. hot pink at that. other shades of pink depends.

Handmade wooden cat stamp set.

ahhh.. i absolutely ADORE cute things so much. ^^
and uhh, it just so happens these are with cats on them..
im not biased -_- i’d take ’em if there’s a.. say.. sea turtle on them as well. (i love turtles, and sheep.. so cute.)

ALSO, i am SERIOUSLY, as serious as a heart attack considering this Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
in the Fuchsia shade (yay! hot pink crazy!)
well, im a lipgloss person. *shrugs*, the only lipstick i ever owned was the maybelline moisture something or other shit in Windsor Rose, but because they’re not animal friendly (they’re totally fucked up like that), i might as well throw the stupid tubes out the window and hopefully ruin someone’s day by hitting ’em on the head and causing a temporary concussion or  *death by maybelline* BUT,
we know all about killer litter, right? (ahh.. its just a harmless tube, stop getting ur panties in a bunch. live life a little eh?)
so yes, back to story, i am coveting this shade. they have a couple of other shades (eg. carnation, crimson, coral, plum and true red.) and i love this shade THE MOST.
it is so… unapologetically hotpink! *bimbo mode*

photos of yesterday now.

embarrassingly messy room, un-camera shy Shabby and Prepping Asfa at the back. pardon the almost neon bra straps.
its teal green. i love green. ^^ not that im saying it matters. -_- just saying.

woaaaah sexaaaay.

yay! Mimi Kilroy at the backkk.. (ohyes, mimi doesnt have a last name, she’s just mimi. but i got her last name from
a character in the book Trading Up by Candace Bushnell (duh, fab book) and in the book, Mimi is rich and glam, and her
last name is Kilroy. SO THERE YOU GO. There’s a kitty with your character’s name Ms Bushnell! LOL.
its temporary i suppose. -_-

-end- (i send the rest of the almost pornographic photos of you if you’d like, shabby. HEHE. then u can decide where
to post ’em.)

i want something small, shiny and gold right now. =/
click picture for info.

ALSO, i wanted to share this article with whoever is a health nut.
Read: Seemingly Harmless Foods that arent (exactly harmless.)
its important you read it. too much and you will die πŸ˜‰

-Palm Oil (alot of manufactured foods contain this.. just avoid this freak okay?)
-trans-fats (duhhh)
-Fish oil supplements (due to polychlorinated biophenyl (PCB) which are toxic manmade chemicals thought to cause birth defects, cancer and more.)
-Agave nectar (it is not better than high fructose corn-syrup . ohwell. poor vegan bakers..)
-Growth Hormones.
-SOYMILK. oh geez. bless us all. -_- i’ll stick to mineral water pls. pls pls pls…
-CANNED food (see in the article #7, Bisphenol A is in your Tomato Sauce.) eeeeee!


"palm oil is a common ingredient in General Mills brands and products, Betty Crockers, Pillsbury, Nature Valley granola bars, and Yoghurt Burst Cheerios."

well. that sucks.
Learn to cook then, Asfa.


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