cant wait to D(y)e.

the ever so cute shabby came over again. ^^
we watched Stomp The Yard and cooked fried maggi mee together,
watched The Price is Right on TV (omg yes! i finally watch TV),
also watched Full House korean drama on youtube together..
and by 4.30+, regretfully she had to go.
maybe she’ll come by again tomorrow. (:

im continuing with the drama right now.

and then… after i sent her to the bustop,
saw this bird.. im not a sexpert about birds, but it was standing still on the pavement..
eyes closed..
helpless and not knowing what to do, i companied it..
-_- till it woke up and shifted, (wobbling slightly) to the grass.

hope it’ll be okay. ): night time will be dangerous for it to be on the ground.
many other furry little monsters will attack it (see: cats)..

guess who? ;p
tsk. its either mimi or orange. *shrugs* or it could be loomie.
but i know just who this fatso is.
i think she likes Shabby. she keeps coming up to shabby..

i want this crochet top. (from Foley+Corinna; shopbop.)
not necessarily from there, but something like this.

also want something like these; Alexander Wang french terry sweatpants. they look beautiful with those heels.
want want want. something like it.

ANYWAY, read on tree-hugger (click link to read article) that Seal meat is on the parliamentary restaurant’s menu.
i mean REALLY ,people?
who the fuck clubs seals so inhumanely and eat the meat & of course sell the fur?
it is of little wonder that humans are growing stupider by the minute. (look at what they’re eating, rot in hell.)
they’re becoming animals themselves. they’re such heartless beings nowadays and then you wonder why?
(look, i dont have to get on about how they’re treating chickens at the farms right? you dont wanna know.)
your degree, PHDs, whatever CERT you have dont even count if you dont even have basic courtesy, sense of humanity ,compassion and even RESPECT for each other . for other humans, much less for animals . the whole world is fucking sick.

whats in my book is, of course i cant help everyone (n animal) in the entire world, its hopeless (but possible with the help of many).
but the ones that i help, they’re given hope, and a chance.
one starfish at a time, babies.

everyday i wake up and tell myself, baby steps, and that makes me alittle happier and hopeful.
im sure there’s a little love there somewhere. so lets spread it. love i mean. 😉

okay, you can shut down now.
wanna spam my face. ^^ woohooooooooooooo.

you know,
i really cant wait to redye my hair.
the color looks vivid here, but it sure is downright SHABBY (no, not my friend.) live. -_-

p.s sweets.. its cos ur so accepting n respectful.
pp.s thanks shabby for the hair bun you made for me ;P cos when i released my hair it became like this. LOL.


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