ranting lunatic & kittyloaves spam.

im really not feeling very friendly right facking now.
im so pissed.
and cos im so upset, im gonna post a kittyspam. ):
cos it makes me calmer. *shrugs* [nah, thats bull, but whatever right]

(ohyes. the new header pic, all the girls are on the upper 3 and theyre all b/w. LOL. i’ve always found it funny.)

luv my Orange ball.

luvvvvv his liddle pawwwwsss!! so cutteeeeee! *squeals like the fanatic that i am*

resident fatso miu miu. ^^

check out those healthy shiny stripes. ^^ never knew Anson has a shiny coat.. O_O

resident vampire Loomie. normally she’s jittery and annoying. she still is,
she’s close to myst exile. she’s a weirdo, which explains why she chooses M.E as her close companion.
its okay, we all love you very much, still. :-*

and then she smelt the camera.

love her nose.. its all lovely and pink.

and her naughty little paws tried to grab the camera.
i think she scratched my pinky finger. o.o which explains
why i want to howl when i touched soap yesterday.
i dont use to believe declawing cats.
declawed cats will feel like girls with flat chests.. or.. guys with itty wieners.
there’s a defect somewhere. *shrugs*
its an asset babes.
but then again, looking at our scratched and shredded furnitures, maybe declawing is good. -_-
models have flat chests what, they seem to be fine with it. LOL so mean asfa. ok im kidding. -_-
i want to have built in scratching posts with lots of tunnels for my future home. like a playground.
when i described this with a manic expression to jerry she fell asleep.
bitch. *throws paperballs at jerry*

awwww, our little fluffybutt.. excuse the expression [he does have a fluffybutt..] but he’s so naughty n stubborn.
despite the innocent and cute face. dont fall for it.
but i fall anyway.. *stares doe-eyed at anson*

on the verge of falling asleep..

and the little ripples in his furrrrr!!! i loveee GAAAARRRKKK…. *jump down from 12th storey cos i cant take it anymore, too cute too cute!!*

i know the table is messy and everything, but just ogle at choky okay? ^^
if you get to visit him, surely you’ll go aww, he can melt any girls heart!
ok. im aware im ranting like those owners i swear i wont turn into.

in black n white.

*beams like a proud mother*
okay, im gonna lose myself in LJ communities now. ^^


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