-fell sick n recovered.. alil. i do sound abit like a transvestite from time to time, but am feeling pretty good.

-met fiza on last weds 17th, met JAC+hilmi n farhim on saturday 20th. was whiny all e way, said i wanted
to go home. hilmi gave me dirty looks and jerry told me to shut up, which i did. eventually. *shrugs*
feels good to wallow in self pity sometimes. ^^ they didnt pity me. ): i am not loved. i am alone. *drama mode,
jumps off 12th storey at midnight*

-bought 4 books worth JUST $18 from MPH’s (raffles city) crazy renovation sale! its like gold mining.
theres a nugget in every corner. ^^ just wished they had been organized, then people who knew what they needed
could buy MORE isnt that right? but nooooooooo… fine by me. was too scared to travel deeper in the store,
might spend all my money. O_O and then i would be a cosmetic-less, dirty haired witch right. (im broke, n i need
more make up and shampoo.)
a book a day keeps the stupids away. okbye. so lame. my gawd.

guess thats all. ST and me has been bonding over food so much. ):
i am sad because…. your royal shallowness (note; me) will say she’s gained weight.
okay whatever.

talk tomorrow i guess. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

happy monday then.


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