happy mondayy

I am incredibly proud of my first ever packed lunch (to work)! (:
(have been eating out alot, not good at all)
though i think it’s a little too bland in the colours, still tasty!

gosh^^ i feel like a proud mother.

so adorable right my box. *deep sigh*
i am so nerd i cant stand myself.
(i have 2 more two-tier slim boxes in the "collection" in PINK some more, pale pink! very pretty [erm, im not a pink person, swear!], i so need help, i am sucha hoarder, i should commit suicide, tigermom would flip if she found out i didnt use her (super uncute) boxes and got new ones instead, its okay!
i’ll be moving out one day anyway! wont hurt to start my own collection, right? just say yes. you’re meant
to just agree with me.)

well, its nothing special.. just fried rice, mini fish chips and tomatoes.
it’ll be really cool if i could keep this up (:

next up! kitty photos!

myst exile


strange tea/ST.

doesn’t miu miu look like a freakin teddybear…

choky behind the oven..

orange.. erm.. blending in with the floor?

and then theres the biscuits dipped in hot milo, i have this as snack any time of the day, really..
and i love sprinkling the crumbs in e drink and then sip it all up.

today there wasn’t any crowd and sales was pretty bad.
and they have the air-con turned up so high i cant even freakin blink, (i kid, i kid.. but you get my drift)
and my skin’s peeling. -_- on the cheeks. daaaaaaammmnitttzzz.

gonna sleep soon.
looooong day ahead.

happy tuesdaaaay then!

p.s OH, and Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief MOVIE IS A FREAKIN FLUKE. totally not sepepek with the book! which is fine if it hadn’t been too.. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY. it plain sucks. there’s so many
things wrong about it! (the whole freakin movie is a definition of all things wrong!! (ok im kidding.. but still, i looked forward to it so much and …) -_- gaaaaarrrrrrhhhhh………………..so disappointed. -_- gonna reread the series..
they however chose the right person to play the character Luke.. ;P isnt he so yummy. Poseidon’s hot too!
Percy (Logan Lerman) is paling in comparison to Jake Abel (Luke) now ^^ still like Logan, fine. he just reminds me of zac efron, who is disgusting(ly pretty for a boy), Logan’s more normal though, okay why am i talking about this anyway? screw this. the movie sucks.


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