you know.
i’ve been thinking.
i want to get something hot pink for myself. -_-

formerly, i dislike the color. *frowns*
but maybe, it’d be nice to have something in that color la. im not a huge fan of it,
but it’d be nice.
which reminds me of how the other day jerry laughed at me when i asked her if she knows where i
could get cute fork and spoons.

she laughed in my face !!*offended*
she told me i was so boyish n matrep (in behavior, if ur wondering n begging to differ) and its abit ironic
that i want cute things.
she gave an example (imagine) of me wearing a hello kitty bag and then yelling at people who stare or bump at me. -_-
with that said, she continued laughing at me loudly.
*laugh alone*

shialla. now that is funny.
which also reminds me, the other day i caught myself in the train reflection when it went under-tunnel
(reflection clear right)
i now know that i look fucked up & constantly pissed off when im alone. -_-
even when i feel happy i look like i want someone to beat me up.
"nak kene sepak?" LOL. family inside joke ah.
so i positioned my lips to look like its smiling.. and then after awhile the muscles just dropped and i look fuckedup again.
and the other day at chacha’s party, after i pick up my food,
jerry asked me why i look so pissed off when i turned back.
EXCUSE ME? must be wrong person. i can only be happy infront of food. *beams brightly*

so now im aware. -_- i’ve been aware for a long time really.
it just bothered me when i saw myself "in action".

so now, my friends, you know, im not pissed.
if im pissed, then you should check the radiations im giving out.
HAW HAW HAW *guffaws*

l0l that status update on  my FB:
"gentlemen dont exist in singapore. anymore. dont know where they disappeared but you can confirm that they’re not here."

LOL. so funny and entertaining with friends responses!  (:
ok. my humour is getting weirder. -_-

i still look abit puffy here. -_- today seems better. need to sleep early laa. -_- tsk.

my cats are so gorgeous. =D
i could talk about them all day if there are interested parties? LOL. k kidding. -_-


2 thoughts on “madladies.

  1. How come your hair become so voluminous and the wave is so nice? (last 2nd pic) Ade2 je aku comment dgn rambut kau. Heh! And sometimes the fucked up face is just natural. I do have it too and I get really irritated if people comment on it.

    1. ohyesssss! aku p0ng suka sio! cos kan, before that i bunned my hair mah, so when released it became like that =D YOURS HAS NICER WAVES K BEECH!!! tak suka i! *envy* oh ya i know. we all have f-u face. muka mintak kene tempeleng. i am well aware now. aku tengok pun aku mcm nak beat me up.

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