baack! warning: alot of shallow whining.

i am back .
not that theres any difference i guess. *sulks*
i just missed typing.

i been very LSE lately. ):
some more havent gotten much sleep. *whiny*
so my face has been puffy for 2 days now.. even yesterday when i met JAC.
Kyn couldnt make it, and Ella only for awhile before she had to go to work..

also had bad hair day yesterday (dont ask).. so its been very shallow for me and i’ve been pretty boring. -_-
*aku sedar diri*

if you were hoping to see jerry’s face on our outings, i know i keep mentioning her
but her face is not even visible on any photos,
thats cos she also LSE lately -_- cos she’s turning dark working at sentosa.
i know i won’t survive working there but it’ll be worth a try if given a chance.
what are sticky sunscreens for right?? they’ll be flying off the shelves and i’ll be their biggest buyer.
Watsons n Bananaboat will love me and make me their ambassador and they’ll give me more points on the Watsons card everytime i come in. -_- ok bye.

im so LSE. ): [low.self.esteem]

before we departed waysss…

i missed you, your royal shallowness Ella… meet  soon kays and lets sit in awkward silence.. HAHA.
nola. kidding. love you very much still.

see. im so puffy. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))): SOBS. wanna stay under a rock.

and then.. we saw kyn and tortoise passing by..
so they sat for awhile. ^^

tortoise so cute. wanna push her down the stairs. (: *stares at photo* LOL WTF.

come to think of it, all 3 of us were so whiny and LSE ytd.
no wonder we’re friends. -_- misery loves company.
birds of a feather flock together.
what else, what elseeeeeee.

cannot waaaait for this movieeee. ^^

okburokbye. -_-

): so pufffyyyyyy ARRRGHHH the cheeks. wanna starve for 1 week then jump down suicide valley’s bridge. ):

also bought a feather fan from accessorize. 70%,
i dont know why i picked it of all things (errrrrrm. must get used to my weirdness)
i thought it’ll be useful if one day ST needs it for prop on her shoots as well.

and i had fun la playing with it, (sesungguhnya aku low self esteem, so contradicting. okbyeshuddup.
im not jerry whaaaat i love the camera!)

like feather duster -_-

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