everyone owes me photos. KYN for cha’s bday party n marr for fieza’s

on the 23rd,
kyn accompanied me to daiso!!
went to look for my lunchbox
(i want a Totoro lunchbox, anyone see any lunchbox with this print/character on it, PLEASE let
me know?! or any studio ghibli characters i know of from eg. spirited away, cat returns or kiki’s delivery service, PLS
PLS let me know. i collect lunchboxes now. ^^ i know. im such a nerd i want a nice lunchbox/container,
and yes! i love animes! any recommendations would be nice!)

and btw,
Totoro from My Neighbour Totoro looks like this:

isnt he so mjhddy93u87ijfoij mindnumbingly CUTE?!
i could go AWWWWW for hours just looking at this picture.. ^^

apart from lunchboxes, i am looking for a nice flask/bottle for myself as well. ):
i dont want a boring plastic pokka or evian bottle to carry my water around in.
i dont want nike or adidas or sports bottle either. i want something like from Paperchase
(but they have no stock ANYMORE wtf,fml)
something stainless steel or.. oh i dont know?!
you tell me what kind of bottles are nice. -_-
cute would be okay too. =D but stainless steel is fine too.
stainless steel and cute character also can. *blablabla*

after daiso..

went to chacha’s at punggol celebrate her bday, but her bday is yesterday 24th. (:
and she’s 18 already. hohoho. photos kyn, photos. i’ll wait here behind this screen patiently.

on the 24th, sunday.
went shopping with my sisters.

yes. finally i am out during daylight. -_- tsk.
(more photos soon-ish)

i bought something today from bYSI! =D
they having a sale *cheap face*.. =D
its a blue button down cropped jacket with ruffles.. i love the blue.
ST got herself the black one.

today also happens to be the day i chose to be very selekeh.
hello, its a sunday. -_-

today also ST n i watched:

i loikkeeee..

thats all.
im gonna sleeps now. or.. not really. in afew minutes i’ll sleep. i think.
MONDAY BLUEEES. hahaha. cheer up beeches.
a new day!


p.s note to self:
-photos tmr.


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