i love Billy Talent spam.

yes i love Billy Talent.
(beside Suede)

can i please post just 2 awesome music videos of them?

i want to profess my love for Wall.E

aww. i recently watched the movie (i have never watched it before that)
and i went "sooooo cuuuuuuteeee!!!" alot.
if i werent me, i’d smack me real hard and tell me to get over it.

saturday is chacha’s 18th birthday party. (:
very exciting. hope theres ahem alottafoodkbye.

what am i doing:
i am scrolling through my iTunes thats why im posting all these music..
if there was an app i could use to post my whole player, that’ll be great.
my player is AWESOME. if i say so myself.
people cant make up their minds as to what music i listen to.
i enjoy everything. (: from the underground to the top 10 pop. really.
(i dont listen radio. i should prolly get a phone that has that ability actually.. i miss listening to radio, cos i’ll be missing
all the recent hits till my friends actually play them.)
i lean more towards 80s-90s music too (sisters’ influence, they play aot of pet shop boys n eurythmics while i was still young, younger i mean. they dont play to me though, as stupid and young as i was, i enjoyed the sounds,
so i grew up like this.)

i always thought that scrolling through somebody’s player is fun,
its like, their soul. ๐Ÿ˜€ very personal if you get what i mean,
you know what theyre like (in a not SOOO deep way till u know ’em personally) and what they enjoy.
its quite entertaining. havent got the chance though.. volunteer? =p

i know my LJ getting very wordy and uncolourful like a green salad and no dressing. -_-
waiting for pictures for ytd’s bday celebration on mar’s camera.. and fieza’s n shab’s..


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