the PH experience! — for the rider, unfortunately.

so. about 8.25pm+ i ordered pizzahut for delivery.
i was put on hold for afew minutes of my life, just staring at the telephone wire and them on the line playing
a playback about the current promo, which keeps playing back (of course.)

it doesnt hurt letting you know how delicious the food they make is a couple of times.
i can probably repeat and replace the playback.
thats how they engage their customers, i see.

finally when i was put through, (dang you PH people are busy this time of year!)
and after ordering they told me my food will arrive by 9.10-9.15pm.
so i spent the time surfing, singing Keri hilson’s "I like" as well..
theres only tigermum n me at home.. ^^ hope my cats enjoyed my singing.
about 9.07pm (according to the computer’s clock), i saw my cats rushing to the living room and staring at the door.
because i was wearing the headphones, i didnt hear the knock.

coincidentally my corridor is very dark because the light is faulty (as mentioned in previous post),
and my living room light is off so from outside, the flat seemed empty
(through the windows) and dark.
because i was home the whole day, obviously i didnt wear make-up
, i’ve got really dark eye rings that make them look sunken in and.. well, i could act in a horror film actually if they’d give me a chance (all those jerky movements, *snorts* i’ll master them in no time), Raintree Pictures CONTACT ME.
back to story,
our door happens to creak as well,
so i opened the door slowly (i didnt mean to, i just did it) and it was creaking all the way..

The rider was probably freaking out by the minute.
what with dark corridor, dark flat, door creaking open slowly, and a lady, so pale, lifeless, empty eyed and
disheveled hair greeting the door.

He certainly looked ready to run, really.

so i whispered hoarsely "sorry" (i just finished singing what, what dyou expect!),
damn i might as well have added a torchlight under my chin and
worn a white dress. daaaaang. it was such a perfect moment.

had to pause my fun ah though so i on the light else he couldnt see the food in the bag.
after giving me my change he quickly said "enjoy your meal" while walking off x)) HEHEHEHEHEHE.
i would have spoken hoarsely to the back of his head "don’t look back.." and waved mysteriously if i could.
but that’d be too much la, right?

i can imagine his journal/blog entry if ever he had one,
wanna see?;

Thursday, January 7, 2010 11.59AM
I just finished work, very tiring lah today.
i deliver 2 prank order sia, motherfuckers know those people.
kelaka kepe boy!.
so busy siak today, restaurant people pack food pun take own sweet time,
when food delivered late, rider kena know!
i kena also la.

got one time i send one order to this flat,
wahlao, i remember her order sia and name,
on receipt say "miss Affa".
weird right the name? HAW HAW HAW.
you should see her face la, even weirder, dont know whether she human not.
scary la siaaal.

when i arrive right, the corridor so fuckin dark la siaa.
the light outside the house on, off, on, off.
some more the place so empty ah, like dead residence.
i knock on the door stated on receipt la, i wait 2minutes,
house so dark, i dunno whether got people not inside.
sekali the door open slowly, got the creak creak sound some more,

in my mind i thought i dreaming siak.
the house inside so dark also, what the fuck, the owner not to be seen,
i see one very pale face staring at me,
i want to kencing dalam sluar already. bopley kat tekak.
her voice scary sia. i really dont know what to think ah,
dunno whether she real or not, i dream or not. k ah.
wanna log off. go sleep. tomorrow work some more,
FULLshift some more, macam sial.

. apit.

nola. im kidding, im sure the rider has balls of steel or else he wouldnt have lasted till the sentence "enjoy your meal".
"All the characters in this entry are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental"

p.s k scuze me ehk. i’ve got some asassin job to do tomorrow night, gonna sharpen my knives now. x) LOOOOOL.
pp.s i like the PH subs! (: but… the names of the sanwiches are kinda… "that big tuna, mr. beef blast.. spicy comet duo.." must
be a woman who named them. x)nottigurl.. or maybe its juts my perverted mind. lalala.


2 thoughts on “the PH experience! — for the rider, unfortunately.

  1. Why do you make me laugh so hard with this entry? My stomach hurts siakk! HAHA!
    Oh btw I created this lj account to comment. Kn senang nanti idop aku biler nk shopping pat lj and nk comment blog kau. Hehe. 😀

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