HELLO 2010. (: embrace n love me pls.

in the xmas tree..

and the pretty lights..

actually. those mannequins are scary, check it out:

i waaaaaaant to join them in the window displaaaaaaayyyy.

i couldnt stop laughing because Yaya (on your far right), we had e same pose. i dont know. it was just funny at that moment.

omg. pls gimme a second!! WAAAAAAHHHAHAHAHAHHA. ohgooodgod. this is so funny. k.
you wont get it.

CHECKOUTMYFACEEEE HAHHAAHAH. diam bodoh. only i can laugh k.

HAHAHAHAHAAH. CLEARLY im slow i’d rather stay gravitated on the ground.

when the sun rose.. heres how i looked like. cocooned in a shawl n i just.wanted.to.sleep.

i dont know why im even embarassing myself to post such a pic. but i look like a frog. diam bodoh. only i can say that.

next: photos in ST’s camera;

i LOVEEE the lamp… tssssskkk!

what vainpots huh. tsk tsk.

i have come to accept the fact that flashes are not kind to me. its either i dont have a nose or.. my face will be a blank.

there are still 2 more cameras to receive photos from. -_- ohwelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. tsk.

on the 30th last wednesday of OMYGOSH, lastyear hehe. which is just afew days back (heloooo WAKEUP, its
2010 hor! pri.sch kids ! rmbr! when i was in pri.sch i was often stuck in the "last" year. maybe im the only one..)

met up with JAKE n not JACK or JAK or whatever initials i’ve been coming up with lately,
its the original JAKE. (chey, bebual mcm girl group/band or something sia wtf) plus chacha and suzy. (:
it was nice. Ella isnt as shallow as speculated she’ll be (eg talking about her bf only. its proven she has other
interests as well! yay!) HAHAHA missed you ella, dont take my jokes to heart! (takmo step tak kenal aku).. (:
and i hate the fact that i love how skinny you are now.
wuhooo! kau look great kbye *muka  gatal reminiscing your image* HAHA WTF. psycho.

dont i look so patient? ^^ damn. must practise that expression. hilmi says i always look rushed. i KNOW, right?! how could
he say that. -_-

i will do this, if you say i look rushed one more time.

yesterday new years eve, i really did think i was going to come along with the gang, sorry babes n dude(s)..
but i didnt think i’d wanna be caught in the throngs, what with their sweaty bodies, and groping
(i mean, i can grope myself all day thank you very much, if i needed groping, i’d call someone to do it for me? and..
what high do you get from groping people btw? i still dont get it.. balek rumah kenangan sendiri eh. LOL, baek ah gang)

anyways, back to yesterday,
went to wcpark. theres the tradition that the ships will honk their horns and give a little firework display. (:
many families (it was a family thing..)
very nice atmosphere.

for food we had 10double cheeseburgers, 4 packets of roti john cheeses from the kopitiam infront of my house
(somewhere in the archives i told you they sell the most to die-for roti john cheese i would date the aunty’s son if
they agree to supply all year round. ok KIDDING la. geez. -_- ) 2 bottles of greentea and 1 bottle chrysanthemum tea..
and this cadbury milktray of course. ^^

we played UNO a couple of times. and who would have thought this game was going to be so… whats that word; happening?

the sky was beautiful. before it cleared like this, it was red, probably was going to rain but the clouds floated away,
and cleared a path for the moon. (: it was full moon, or almost full anyway. *dreamy* so pretty!

nothing magnificent or spectacular and showy. just a quiet one, but its fine! i had a good time.
im expecting alot of facebookers to put up their siloso beach party photos and marina-bayers, im waiting to see the scene.
i was a homely girl yesterday, AHEHEHEHEHE. riiiiggghhht.

ok back to the clouds yesterday:

 ITS BEAUTIFUL. i cant believe so many ppl missed the clouds . did u even look at the sky? whats becoming of us?!
dammit. im gonna spend time alone at night this way! *sentimental*

i loved mr. moon so much yesterday i can see him smiling =D ahh. nature ey.

im in the middle of a trilogy of Northern Lights! =DD
with that down, 2 more to go:

followed by;

awesomeness. im just going to stay home today and devour these two.
after finishing this, i am going to re-read Sabriel trilogy again. HEH. danggg.
okbye. gonna bury myself in a whole pile of books.



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