JB photos & extra;

hmm. okburokbye.

yups. we went to A&W; permas jaya jusco. ^^ its the most boring jusco ever built (1 freakin’ storey only?!),
but yes, one of the A&Ws is housed there. my first time. ^^

the Nani.

The Ward.

The Shabby.

look at those cheeks. i believe im gaining ’em again. ): and my tummy. and everything else. sniffs.

LOL, what the..

and then just for the fun of it, we went to the arcade at city sq. they have this little karaoke erm, boxes we can go in
and.. karaoke. so we tried that! girl at the token counter MINTAK KENE TEMPELENG SIAAAAL. kns.

we sang errrm, backstreet boyz, newboyz, alot of malay songs HAHAHA. some lyrics so funny we kept on laughing and
missing the beat. it was so fun.

going home time, we ate at jCo. just for the fun of it la. i didnt know what to eat so they decided here. ^^

the ridiculously soft doughnut. i want another oneeeeee….. *whiney*

hahahahaa……………………………. *cross eyed*

and chocolate stained teeths.


Bourne marathon yesterday at The Manis’ was nice. ^^ great food.
looking forward to tonight then. x) night photography with sister n her friends;

-camera n battery charged *checked*
-Finger lasers *checked*
-UNO *checked*
-Jacket *checked*

we’re meeting at kampong glam cafe (yay! i missed the calamari rings there… slurps. meetin ST at 6.45,
hmm. ok done. im hungry. wanna rummage the kitchen. bye.


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