are nothing. anymore. (:

much, much random post.

one thing i dislike very much..
is male customers who barge in the female fitting rooms.
even if you’re a ladyboy, you’ve still got something hanging down there, girlfriend.
i also feel like cackling when some cust keep on repeating the number of pieces they have in their cubes,
because i am the FR nazi afterall. -_-

and its sad that its hard to maintain long nails (i wanted to paint them pretty), because i keep breaking them. benci i! *mak nyah*

"why you smile like that.. like want to eat me.."
HEH. mampos ah kau.

Sole purpose:
to be as much pain to me as possible.

Life’s ambitions
Have yet to decide.

"do you have any questions?"
-yes please. why do you irritate me so much even when you shut your mouth.

*mid thirties dude staring at me from across in the bus*
*The Apple rolls her eyes 360degrees and falls asleep*
i came to work with a moodswing, radiating unhappiness within 5km radius.

and there was this one time,
cust requested me to call another outlet because she has decided not to get the piece she reserved at our place
while she was at the other outlet.
(do you get the scene so far?)

if you dont, let me explain k.
imagine you’re the customer, im the outlet, and theres a third party (imagine your bestfriend, or mother or, whatever..) as the "other outlet"
you tried on 2 checkered shirts at my store.
both of the same design, just that one is a lighter shade of blue, and the other is a darker blue.
you would like a new piece of the Small size dark blue checked shirt.
(you’ve been trying these for over 1/2hour already and only could decide till now.)

so you ask me if i have a new piece.
i say no. cut the crap or get out.
LOL k kidding. i say no, sorry ma’am, we dont have Small size new piece.
so you asked me to call "other outlet".
so i do. i do freaking just that hanging on the phone. and yes, "other outlet" has your small size dark blue checked shirt,
BUT, just in case, you tell me to reserve the light blue shirt at my store, JUST IN CASE.
so both items are reserved under your name till tomorrow. (light blue at mine, and dark blue at "other outlet")

and then tomorrow comes.
so you went to "other outlet" and RETRIED the same two bleeding shades of blue checked shirt.
you realize you like the lighter blue shirt better and so you approach a young lady staff standing by the phone.
you then asked Young Lady Staff (YLS) if you have a new piece of the light blue checked shirt in size small.

YLS says no.

you ask YLS to call MY store to say that you want the light blue checked shirt instead of the dark blue one reserved at
where you are now, "other outlet".

so YLS called my store asking if we have the piece in small.
i said no, the last piece is already reserved by a customer. i can remember because it is almost traumatic to be run around
looking at the same shirt over n over. just by hearing the article number i can identify what shirt YLS is talking about.
YLS asked me if the cust name is _________, i said yeah.
and here’s what i said to YLS..

*in a tired voice*
"ohmygawd.. you know long she took to choose between those two almost identical shirts..??! HALF HR PLUS LEYY…"
*continues rambling*

it had an impact.

in the actual case of this story, i am YLS. yup. surprise surprise..
its all abit confusing.
but yeah. thats customers i guess. two shirts of the same colour & design just different tone.
pfffftttttt… what?! ok whatever. suit yourself.

pity the staff at the other outlet. she really sounded tired and resigned.
i couldnt respond the same because cust was right beside me. (:
but i hear and feel you, buddy.

and then theres china ppl, dang i love their accents..

"do you speakuhh chineseuhh??"

and then there are people who ask me:
"do you work here??"
i just feel like saying…
-No ah, i come here to play golf.. thats all..

and then sometimes people get power and authority get into their heads and then they become
twisted you know?

this is the metal version of Tears For Fears’s "SHout" i love it! (:

heres the original:

not that i’d think you’d listen, just wanted to share!


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