current obsessions about town.

how many bleeding times do i have to trim you, my dear fringe? huh huh huh??!
managed to walk around town by myself today. felt great. ^^
finally got to wear a dress today. feels reaaaaally pretty. (i said feel hor.. not look. *self conscious*)

took out these babies, seems like its a twice a year thing huh.
scratch the toilet bowl though.

dont know why i let my hair down.. =/ thought i’d let it dry and then i got lazy to bun it up anymore. *unrelated subject n totally pointless*

okay2. i got it. too full of me already. *sulks*
and it was raining too.. how fun!
i went in mango before i was interrupted by a phonecall.
there seems to be alot of purples this season..
our store is having alotta purples too, such a pretty colour.

i love all the knitwear stuff they have. knitwear dress and cardigans. hmm.
and they have these pair of really pretty babydoll-tall black wedges. i waaaaaaaaaaaannnnttttt……………….

i went into the nike at our place again today..
i didnt tell you im very heartbroken because theres this pair of very the pretty purple dunks,
which doesnt have my size. ): theres size 7.. 7.5.. but no 6.5. how mean mean mean meaaaaaaannnn could you treat me!
shoe fairy, i really am very upset about this. *sniffs loudly*

it also is a crazy fact that im working morning tomorrow and am still not asleep and then i’ll be having cheese prata with
nabo and vod after work.. hummmmm.

ok. better go.

p.s i guess i cheated myself. im not bored. (: *kiss* pls dont freak me out though.
pps oh, and case 39????? errrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. *snores* next, avatar pls. dont depress me.


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  2. Asl rambut kau lawar? I’m not kidding. Ey aku da link kau pat blog aku. I stole one of your pics for it. You cn see your link under “following” the first box. I leave my url at your msn.

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