your royal puffiness. -_-

ohgod. i dont know whether to laugh or cry,
you all are tagging all my old photos! zaman kental2 secondary school!!!!!

how did i even get a boyfriend in those days. -_-
its so funny i want to cryyyyyy!!

okay anyway.
i wanna watch movie today.
ive asked

to company me.
Paranormal activity.
they tell me to watch online.. but, i feel that there’ll be more impact in the cinemas..
who knows i can give a scream or two.. or three..

yesterday after work met up with anisah, hilmi and erwin.
win was driving.
first to cityhall. we had late dinner..
then they drove to fort canning.. (my first time there..)
we wanted to look at the Raja graves, but win and anisah didnt want to. -_-
and somehow or other i voiced out my so called "dreams" to anisah..
(and she told me its not surprising, gauging my imagination -_-)

and then kept laughing hysterically with her (hahahahaha eh J, siak je kita eh! FUNNY!!)
and then we sat at a pondok around there and J & me discussed about
how we think that guys should pay for first dates, or if you’re the kind of girl who
dont accept people’s treats (especially dates) then maybe for you,
it would ATLEAST be nice if he offered, right?

ok agree with me or you go jump down from 21st storey k.

hilmz happens to be the kind who DONT pay for e dates. -_- apa lagi, bantai ah.
because in my (and a majority of other girls opinions, btw, i’ve discussed this with fieza as well, HAHA)
the guy asked you out, and then expects you to pay for yourself.
hmm. tell the guy kau pergi mampos bagos. ok kidding la kidding.. -_-
i say i kidding right.

ok. topic over. (:
if he cant even pay for dinner, one isnt interested. *bimbo*
and im with J, we dont trust good looking guys.
OK WATEVER. talk about bimbo.

after fort canning, 11+ drove to the east, nearby simpang.. but in that ulu and quiet place.
sat there and discussed, talk cock, sang.. i was reaaaaaal sleepy..
reached h0me bout 3 cos win got lost and its not even funny. h
no pictures yesterday. i keep forgetting to grab the camera… ARRRRGHHH.

last friday, my offday,
in e day met up with colleagues. (: ate with them for awhile (they were having their breaktime )..
one of them Khai, it was gonna be his last day the day after, which was yesterday, Saturday.
gonna miss the tallness.
and then they had to go back to work, so left wani and me.
i hope we all stay in touch wani, meiza, ema n me. *deep sighhhh* so melancholy.
love you 3 deep deep. (:
sorry cant join today.. meet you soon though please.

on friday itself, at night,
met fieza, nani & shabby! =))
it was GREAT fun i tell ya.
its been so long since all 4 of us got together.
hope your arm is better shab. (:
laughed so much.. must do it again. =)

and yups. been busy alot.
kinda like it though.
but sometimes i just need a break.
been coming home so, so late, not very happy cos whenever i dont rest, i get puffy.
i need sleep. ):

so many meet ups and no pictures. the f*cks.

only last friday night’s:

its been cold nowadays..
but i feel like warm melted butter whenever i.. =)
im happy. 😉

gonna eat mee goreng then get ready for my date with the sister. =)

p.s dont want to be tied down. but..


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