dear popet,

im sure all of us girls have heard of emily the strange right?
i’ve been on their newsletter for pretty long.
each time they send one, i realize… Emily isnt the same emily as i used to know and adore.
she has become terribly commercialized.
oh its just me i suppose. dont mind me. (:

i wanna go to the movies. O_O
i want my chicken rice. (duh, i always want it.)
i want Christian Louboutin’s doll. have you seen it:

i want to go shopping. (ohmygawdz asfa! have u finally found ur interest again?!) no. i havent. i just need new clothes. oh whatever.
i want to focus on my project, but its just been too tiring for me. i think my kneecaps are falling off, i think i need calcium.
its scary, i get knee pains. ): whats going on? im only 18!!!! im gonna buy HL milk later. -_- big anlene tin..
or drink  all the milo 3in1 sachets thats packed in one packet, per day. ok sidetracking much, what else..
theres more, but i just cant be bothered.

on the 8th, sunday.
after work met J & K.
i bought a new bestfriend and im calling her Mandy, after Mandy Bork the model of GNTM.
call me crazy, but im like this, i just have to give things a name. i can even talk to waterbottles and i dont
get it when ppl say im talking alone, i mean, im talking to a bottle, arent i? thats NOT alone. -_-

ok back to it.
here are the photos..

say Hello to Mandy. ^^

dang those negative ions do wonders.

im meeting shabby later.
fieza cant make it..
oh i dont know.
anyways JAKE, lets make the picnic next week or something kays.
inform you soon, very sorry for the inconveniences, but you know how it is over here..
its not like they’re very flexible. ):
well anyhows, i dont have much to say.

its just so busy. theres barely time for myself (me time, y’know.)
im gonna focus on the proj. and also, continue with my reading.
im reading Northern Lights.. by Philip Pullman.
its the book that The Golden Compass movie is based on. =D

my days are numbered. metaphorically. alright.
gonna bath n get ready now.

yesterday break time, went alone,
with my packeted nasi lemak from Tangs,
and then you came along, impromptu. hello, but nahh.

p.s adore you, sweets.


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