dear diary.

sunday morning! (just came back at 1am really)
things have been real busy for me. (:
but its been fun all the way, hasnt been smooth, but the imperfections are what makes my days
memorable isnt it?

treated my hair just now! ((:
i like. i think its gonna be a monthly expense now.
i havent been very nice to you, have i, hair? im sorry. ):

then met up with hilmi, ryan n farhim.
ryan accompany me visit dior, or was it the other way round?
HAHAHA. kekek. i was so intimidated.
and then when we separated ways, crossed paths with Ema the colleague..
sat with her with a sundae at mcdonalds then.

went home late. but worth it.
i think gonna go home earlier now.
i need rest. ):
tmr meeting my babies JAK. Ella cant make it.

tmr means today — in afew hours.

okay. so gonna sleep now.

ps. abusive r/s. what about them? scary. poor girls. =/ whether mentally, emotionally or physically. sigh sigh sigh.



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