hmm. lalala.

miss my friends.

sat – hair! (: and JAKE wanna meet? no? lemme know.
sunday – JAK. E goes missing. zouk fleamarket right.

today late shift. for 3 straight days late shift. -_- geez. sucks.
(closing yesterday not very good, let it be better today pls pls pls ahhh)
and i put up my bangs and everyone was like.. waaaah asfa new look aahhh..
new look your coconut headsz. i look like that everyday at home what for the past 18 years.
well anyway, im sleep deprived. and have been feeling alittle bit cynical lately.
hope that all changes after saturday or on saturday itself.

so fast and its november already.
2009 has been bittersweet.
im excited for ’10. what dyou think? 🙂

xo my dear poppet, have a good thursday.

p.s whats with the crowds as early as monday?? what the. dont people shop on weekends anymore???? any days of the
week now?!


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